Saturday 25 December 2010

Lots of presents under my familys Christmas tree!!
- Topshop, Closet & Abercrombie Clothes
- Chanel No. 5 Perfume
- Ugg Boots
- 2011 Year Planner
- Desperate Housewives Season 1
- A Book On Photography
- Some Nice Pjs
- A Blanket With Arms! (So Warm!)
- And Some Other Bits & Bobs

Can definately say i'm a happy, spoilt girl! Had such a nice day and a lovely meal with the family too, suprisingly my first Christmas dinner as vegetarian was actually extremely tasty! Was so yummy! Plenty of Champayne too, which is a definite must for Christmas Day in my books!
blouse, tights, - Topshop. skirt, headband, earrings, - New Look. rings, - Accessorize.

This is what i wore today, my Christmas Outfit! Quite classy i believe, i also love the colours which go together nicely, black goes with anything and considering black is my favourite colour to wear, thats always a plus! I'm wearing a mustard peterpan collared blouse, tucked nicely into a black tube skirt. A blouse tucked into a tube skirt, in my eyes strikes ultimate sophistication! Can be worn with a blazer to make you look more upperclass, or a cardigain which would make this look, look a little more casual, yet still quite smart. I believe this outfit would look best with heels, small court heels or tall stilletos, both would look sunning with thois outfit. The best colour heels to wear with this would prefrably be black, maybe with a little detail on the heels. My hair looked horrible this morning, so i decided to wear this headband, and because it's a dark gold colour, it looks mustard and goes perfectly with this outfit. I'm pleasently suprised with my Christmas outfit to be honest!

Unfortunately, i couldn't see my sam today, he's suffering from severe food poisoning from EAT in. Recommend you don't eat there unless you plan to be violently ill for a week+, he's still real bad and has been ill more or less since my birthday which is a week.GET BETTER SOON! But yeah, due to this it means i couldn't see him today to spend some time with him & exchange presents for one another. So we've decided that when he's better we're goign to spend a whole day & evening together, and make it our own little Christmas, just for us two.. cute right!?
I hope you've all had such an AMAZING Christmas, stuffed yourselves with lots of delicious food, spent quality time with family, and been given plenty of presents.


Marie said...

Such a lovely outfit and I think your hair looks pretty.:D

Merry Christmas to you and your family!:D

***** Marie *****

Victoria Jin said...

absolutely love what you wore! really chic and simple. glad you enjoyed the dinner :)

Lisa said...

your hair looks absolutely pretty
merry christmas

Anonymous said...

great outfit!
the first pic is so funny. so many presents "under" that small tree:)

Paint it Black said...

Gorgeous outfit love your blouse Merry Christmas xoxo

BECKY MAY said...

great outfit!! love that top so bad

thank you for your lovely comment :)

hope you had a fab christmas!




Oh la la. Your tree is so FABULOUS. And you look FABULOUS as well. I love the collar. It's so adorable. It's like a doll. I love it.

Tokyo fashion-HOLIC said...

Merry Christmas!!
Your blouse is amazing!


Iva Messy said...

looks like you had a lovey Christmas!!

Cassidy said...

I love your outfit! I hope you had a lovely christmas :)

Unknown said...

love your blouse xx

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