Tuesday 14 December 2010

I love this knitted jumper, its so warm and cosy, and the purple is a lovely shade, much better than the cream one i nearlly bought. I've totally kept tdays outfit as plain & simple as i can. The jumper is quite long so it covers a lot and keeps my dignity which is always something i worry about, so this jumpers perfect. It's got such beautiful detail on it which i thought would be over-shadowed if much jewellery was added. There is a zip on the left & right side by the shoulder which i think add some edgyness. Black leggings for simple comfort as well as style and teamed with my trusty ugg boots. This style is perfect for comfort! Simple, yet effective i think!? Also, randomly painted my nails last night, baby yellow, clashes with everything, it's totally brilliant, haha!

Jumper - River Island
Leggings - H&M

- I'm off to fracture clinic in a few minutes hence the short post, it's going to be so long and i'm going to be there for ages! Ugh! But on the plus side, i'm meant to be getting my plaster cast off, fingers crossed! I really hope i get it off, it's doing my head in as putting clothes on and taking them off is such a pain! Hope you all have a good day!


Radiant Make Up said...

loving the jumper:)
it looks so cosy!! x

Anonymous said...

goodluck at the clinic. i'm currently in the cosiest jumper ever (my dads) - i stole it when i moved out xx

essentially aimee said...

I love this outfit! A bit like what I was wearing in my outfit post from yesterday :p

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