It's my birthday on Saturday, that means im growing up..

Monday 13 December 2010

hgEeeek, must say i am a tad excited, isn't everyone around their birthday!? I'll be turning 17, and like most 17 year olds who will be taking their first driving lesson that day, or recieving car, i haven't even bothered applying for a provisional yet. There is no chance of me learning to drive for atleast another 4 months or so as my leg needs to be real strong, for obvious reasons. I can't actually believe that i could be learning to drive though, thats really weird, it's a death machine and theres no time for hesistating. Peoples lives are in your hands and thats freaky stuff! One thing i'd like to recieve on Saturday which i know there is most likely no chance of happening? A puppy, a cute little labrdaor/german shepard puppy. Would be perfect! But i know it's not going to happen, so back to reality ay. Some clothes, jewellery, stuff for my room(which needs doing up SO badly), um.. i don't really remember what else i asked for, but my parents have never failed to disappoint me before at my birthday, so i'm not worried.
A friend and i when i was 3
One thing i'm really concerned about though is the whole "growing up" thing, its really beginning to scare me, also how quickly life is really flying by. I've always been scared of growing up, the day when i find out that that Santa didnt really exsist was ever so traumatic for me, i love the thought of it all, and when my cousin accidently told me, it was horrible. But back to point, leaving my childhood behind, the fact it's nearing its end is really quite scary for me. People say that you childhood is meant to be the best time of your life right!? I'm pretty sure that even through the terrible moments i will always look back and say that it was, and i mean my actual childhood, before secondary school started. Secondary School made me hate everything about everything and the bullying definately changed me and due to that i matured extremely
Me at my 16th birthday party
quickly, and didn't socialize much. I remember my 16th birthday party last year so well, and to think that that was actually a year ago is shocking! Also, to think that in a year and 5 days time i will be 18 is even more terrifying, so many things change, considering you legally are an adult then. It becomes legal for me to drink and smoke, i'll no longer be classified as a child, i can get married without my parents consent, i'll always be on adult wards for operations now, and obviuosly there is plenty more stuff. In a year everything changes for good, theres no going back either.

 I wish to be like Peterpan and never grow up

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Law1sfab said...

Enjoy it kitten, have the time of your life because I wish I had it again never realise it's the moments you would kill to get back, but trust me you will. Wow a car !!That will be a present and a half, I think I got clothing vouchers or something not that exciting. I was never a big birthday person :/ so enjoy that I'm sure your leg will be better in no time. I'm sure I will read this before your Birthday but have a great Bday and Enjoy it kitten xxxxxxx

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