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Tuesday 14 December 2010

I took this picture just to give everyone an insight as to how i'm actually feeling at the moment. The answer is.. well and truly fed up. Fracture clinic told me that the bone the thought i'd fractured, isn't that bone, its another one deeper in my wrist which has an obvious crack in it. So, i'm in my plaster cast for another 4 weeks, which means all through my Birthday, Christmas AND New years. Also, they said they may need to operate... brilliant! On the plus side, i've finally ordered more or less the last of the Christmas presents, i think. Family presents are done, and so are the friends apart from a little thing or two which i can get whenever and just one more thing i need to buy for Sam and then it's all gooood. 2010 has been such a rubbish year... roll on 2011!
ALSO.. tomorrow i'm finally getting my roots done, just in time for my birthday :) Now.. do i stay blonde, my hairs in real good condition since its been blonde as when its dyed its just the roots that they dye. I used to dye all my hair all the time, constantly getting bored of colours, and in the end the hairdressers ended cutting my whole ponytail off and it ended up in a long bob(which wasnt that long-_-) So, do i stay blonde, or do i go for a change!? decisions decisions decisions...
I think this is what every girl would like to recieve Christmas morning!?
i want you! i want you! i want you!


essentially aimee said...

I like you as a blonde, I think it suits you very much! As for the cast thing.. that sucks horribly! I'd hate to be in a cast for that long, or even any time at all :\ I hope you cheer up, darling.

BECKY MAY said...

your hair looks stunning! and that bag is lush lush lush. i want :)

thanks for your sweet comment, sorry it took me so long to reply, i've been busy and full of cold :( new outfit post on my blog also :)



Unknown said...

i want that bag tooooooooooo!

Louise said...

i agree, 2010 has been awful. it's gone so fast though, i feel like it should be just coming up for the summer and not near years :\


Tess Atkinson said...

Would absolutely love a Mulberry to be in my stocking. Here's hoping?! Wonderful blog!!

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