Oh what a day!

Tuesday 7 December 2010

001. So, as i was in London today, i thought shopping MUST be done. So Me and the mother got the train to London Kings Cross Station and then a taxi to Oxford Circus. Yay Shopping! I went into Miss Selfridge first, and must say apart from one or two items, which i did refrain from buying i was very disappointed with the collection at the moment. Nothing particular stood out. In the end i made a few purchases from River Island, Topshop and H&M, and didn't actually have time to go and browse or buy anything from Urban Outfitters. The reason i didn't have time to go into Urban Outfitters was because when i was in Topshop, i was looking at some of the items and i came over all funny. My energy disappeared, my head went all spinny and heavy, my vision totally blurred and i couldn't hear anything, with the energy i had left i managed to hop over to a pillar and practically collapsed. Yes, i had overdone it AGAIN, and my M.E had reacted. I was slumped against a pillar and the staff came over and got me a chair and some water. I felt like such an ultimate loser, but i really didn't care, i couldn't breathe properly, it really scared me. Luckily after about 20minutes of rest, i managed to find the energy to hop to a café with my mum.

002. The reason i went to London today was for my consultation about the healing of the bone in my leg, i was absolutely dreading this appointment and i had every reason too! So, 7 weeks since my operation, and the bone in my leg STILL hasn't healed, even though it's meant to of healed after 6 weeks.. that's worried me greatly i'm not going to lie. He manage to relaxing me by laughing at my broken wrist, but it all got to me and i did cry. He also said that's he worried about my hips, and i will most likely need to have more procedures done, brilliant! The picture above is of the X-ray of my leg. As you can see on the image on the left, there is still a significant ga between the bone in my leg, but fuzzy white stuff round it. The gap should not be there, but the fuzzy white stuff is new bone growth, so it is getting there..slowly but surely i guess.

Oh, Someone buy me a good camera for Christmas so i can take beautiful, good quality pictures of my surroundings.

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Anonymous said...

:( Oh dearr thats not good! You did make some lovely buys though. Get well soon Courtney xxx

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