Tuesday 7 December 2010

Oh hello there pretty items!
I know it's nearlly Christmas and my Birthday and all, but i've been so so down recently, so this little shopping tirp was just what i needed. A bit of retail therapy was definately necessary, and long overdue!
What do you think!?

Topshop - £34.00

Topshop - £25.00

Topshop - £38.00

Topshop - £36.00

Topshop - £40.00

H&M - £14.99

River Island - £44.99

Topshop - £8.50

Topshop - £8.50

Topshop - £10.00
Topshop - 3 for £8.00


Anonymous said...

I love the Top Shop shorts and the jewellery.

Unknown said...

I love everything you bought! so versatile :) following you! your blog is so adorable!


Anonymous said...

love the socks - very sweet - ooh have just read a bit about your leg -i hope its all better soon xx

Anonymous said...

lol I have just read - we share the same birthday - christmas babies are the best. when I was little I would get soo over excited this time of year. I used to wake up birthday morning with all the xmas decs put up when I had gone to bed - it was always so magical.

do you like having a birthday so close to christmas?/?

cowbiscuits said...

Ooo i love it all! Girl you must be loaded! xx

Anonymous said...

skirt of h&m is great

char said...

I think the first skirt is my favourite - i haven't really rated topshop recently, but you seem to have done really well with picking out lovely things :) And a shopping trip is always just the thing to cheer you up !!

pip a la chic said...

Ooooo you got some goodies there.

Angela said...

Man, you guys have some of the best shop over there, sooo jealous! Thanks for your sweet comment :)
Ang xxx

Jenny said...

You must have spent a fortune! and so close to christmas! blimey! haha I really love the shorts and skirts from topshop. They have some lovely things in at the moment. Didnt know they're doing the double finger cross ring either! May have to make a pitstop their to pick one up since the asos one sold out! :) xx

Shannon said...

wow what a great haul, that first skirt is gorgeous

Charlene said...

The colours in the first 3 or 4 pics are my absoloute faves to mix at the mo!!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

loving that peter pan collar shirt, too cute!


essentially aimee said...

Gorgeous finds, darling! I am loving absolutely everything and I am very jealous you now have these pieces in your wardrobe. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, I'm now following you!

Serina said...

These are lovely buys! Love those shorts! And thank you for the comment, you're definitely right :) xx

the ineffable soul said...

hope this cheered you up a bit :) nearly everything you got is going on my wish list - i especially love the topshop shorts, coral skirt and blouse and the socks are adorable too! x

Zoe said...

wow what a shop! you have picked gorgeous items :)


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