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Wednesday 8 December 2010

 Above are a few purchases i made today at New Look, i got some bad news today which i don't really want to talk about here, so mum once again treated me to a little shopping trip, bless her! I felt so guilty as she spent so much money on me yesterday, but she insisted as i was so upset. So above, in the first two pictures are flannel pjs, ever so cute, cosy and WARM! The 3rd picture is of a black tube skirt, i had a woolen one which i bought form Urban Outfitters in earlier on this year, but thats gone walkys (even though i've never worn it!) So i definately needed another one! The 4th picture is of this nice woolen jumper from the AX PARIS range, very cute! And finally the 5th picture is of a red shift dress, which i think is a definate must have this season!

 This ring kind of just jumped out at me, it's so gorgeous! It's from Boots and just so perfect, it was definately a must-have.

Oh Boots you beauty! I bought the most gorgeous products today.
  • Soap & Glory Body Butter For Dry Skin
  • Nivea Lipbalm
  • Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment
  • Boots Gorgeous Feet Rapid Quick Heel Repair
  • Loreal Ellnet Hairspray
  • Anti-Stress Mud Mask
  • Charlie Chic Body Spray


essentially aimee said...

It all looks so lovely! Shame about the bad news, though, I hope things are looking up. The bows on the pj's are just precious!

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

Is the quick heel repair stuff any good? I cut up the backs of my feet last week after long wear of a certain pair of shoes and I really want them to heal already!

Love the ring! I never would have thought it was from Boots - it looks like the type of rings you get in Miss Selfridge.

Sorry to hear that you've had bad news and that you've been upset. Hope you feel better soon x x


lovely dress! with all the hairs
looks awesome! nice blog, you got a new follower

charlotte said...

not just from this post, but you have the most loveliest blog and clothes

i love that cargigan from new look you have and youve got amazing taste, i dont think its this post but a few ones down.

i hope your still staying positive with the whole injury shizzle, its new year coming so hopefully youll have a new fresh year to come and your come on your amazingly lucky your have a lovely bf and mum, what happened with your wrist and foot, how did it happen? xxxx

stay beautiful chica xx

christie said...

new follower! great blog, please do an international givaway!! have a great day xx

Lauren Ellingham said...

Took my advice and got the hair growth treatment i see? ;) x

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