let it snow,

Sunday 21 November 2010

Apparently in the next few days, the sky is meant to open up, and snow is meant to fall.
YAY, the excitement is yet to set in :)
I lovelovelove the snow, its ever so beautiful and peaceful.
Usually when it snows, and i'm looking out the window, i'll put on my slippers and be the first in my family to run out there. I think it's lovely, watching the snowflakes fall is ever so magnificant.
Snow is going to be such a pain this year, as much as i love being in it, and watching the snow fall, i need to stay indoors wrapped up this year with a green tea. I really can't risk slipping on my leg which is obviously very likely in this snowy icy weather which we're awaiting.

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Louise said...

I literally just tweeted about it meant to be snowing where i am later this week! Crazy!
It's going to be such a pain in the bum when it begins to snow properly. Granted, where i live i'm kinda by the sea so it isn't as bad as it would be if i were right in the city but still.
But i agree, it's only really pretty when you're inside and nice and cosy.

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