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Monday 22 November 2010

Easily one of the prettiest items to have ever met my eyes!
Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Jumper.
Yes, extremely pricey, if bought directly from Ralph Lauren itself, charging u to about £190 per jumper!
I've wanted this jumper for ever so long
But from a little good friend of mine called ebay, the actual jumper one i want, which is either in white or baby pink, the cost ranges between £45-£65, which is a lot better than the actual price.
Perfect Christmas gift? i think so...



Vinda Sonata said...

i've been looking for a perfect one such as this for a long time!!

Amber Lloyd-matthews said...

also go to bicester village, its in oxford, theres alot alot alot of designer brands just like 70% off because i guess its not their new stock, these are either £40 or £60 there im not sure but there are definately some for £40 depends how thick u want them x message me if you want details! xx

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, that is a gorgeous sweater. It looks perfect for a slouchy fit over skirts or something.

Anonymous said...

Soooo warm. I need more jumpers/Cardigans

Anonymous said...

You never know with eBay though! I was going to say visit an outlet store but looks like someone beat me to it! At least then you know the items are genuine :) and they never go out of style. Go for the cream!

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