Monday 22 November 2010

ooooh, i haven't done one of these in a while, so i thought it was about time i did,
i apologize for how tired i look, i didn't get much sleep last night and sat in a waiting room to see my back doctor for hours. I'm not gonna' lie, i'm also really suprised i managed to get these shorts on, didn't think i'd be able to get them over my leg as it's still swollen from my operation. i can safely say i was pleasantly suprised when i managed to get them on!

Something that made me happy today?
My consultant said to me...
 "your beautiful the way you are, you don't need improvements, plus no one likes someone whos normal"
I really needed something sweet like that, and that was the perfect little pick me up

Jumper - Vintage
Knitted Leggings - New Look
Earrings - New Look


Anonymous said...

LOL sorry courtney but I laughed at the cruches xD

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely stunning! That Jumper is too damn gorgeous, and that ring I will definitely be buying! River Island/eBay here I come! xxx

BECKY MAY said...

thank you for the sweet comment you left me a day or so ago on my blog. it made me smile :)

you have such a cool blog, i love those shorts and the jumper from the previous post is gorge.

why did you have an operation? i hope you are okay :)

maybe we can follow each other?




Hayley Wrighton. said...

Courtney, I absolutely adore your shortsss!
you look lovely btw xx

Zoe said...

very cute outfit :)


Anonymous said...

hi I like your outfit a lot!

it's cute.

check out my blog if you'd like to...

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