i have a hair dilema

Sunday 21 November 2010

I get bored with my hair colour ever so easily!
I cost my mum a bomb, because i can't dye my hair myself, i'd make the biggest mish-mash of it ever, and we'd end up getting it fixed at the hairdressers anyways, so we usually go just straight there. My hairs been practically every colour apart from something wacky like purple or blue. It's been Extremely dark brown nearlly black(natural), dark brown/chesnut brown, light brown, red, ginger, and blonde.
 I'm currently blonde. The last time i had my natural colour was around the time of Christmas 2008, so that's about 2 years ago. Not going to lie, i'm not jumping from blonde to black, my natural colour makes me look so washed out and pale, but not even a nice pale. So i'm thinking of possibly going a light brown.
So after chatting with my good friend Luke Sussex about what colour i should dye my hair i decided that i'd do this this post and ask what opinions other people think. Luke thinks i shouod either go back to my natural colour or dye it light brown.

What do you think!?







i'm totally stuck for what to do...
i'm thinking the light brown, but then others are saying "no your natural colour, go back to that", others say ginger, and others are saying to stick with the blonde..

opinions really are welcome!


the ineffable soul said...

wow you're lucky that you suit pretty much any hair colour! personally i like the red :) x

Anonymous said...

Wow, you can really pull of the spectrum of hair color. It's so hard to decide. I do think that the ginger and blonde brightens you up. Chestnut is always good for warming up the skin tones. I really like what you have going on at the moment though.

Hanna said...

thank you so much for your super lovely comment. I feel flatterd.
I think all the colours look good on you :) but my favourites are the ginger and the light or chestnut brown colour ;)

Marina said...

My favourites are the light brown hair:)

xx Marina

Federico Panarello said...

funny funny immages!!! :-) cute!!!

charlotte said...

just discovered your blog and have gone through all your old posts :)
wow, i have too much time on my hands :)

i say, dark brown nearly black, if you ask me
although your incredibly lucky because you can pull of all shades, and like i dont know anyone that can do that! :)

Louise said...

I'm so jealous that you suit so many different hair colours! I'd go with either ginger or light brown :)
I'm having a wee hair dilemma too. I ombre'd my hair a few months ago but cut it out a couple weeks back because in all honesty, my hair was dead. But now that it's healthier, i think i want to re-ombre it. I don't know.

Bealerrr said...

red red red definitely red. You look really pretty in these photos by the way x

Sarah said...

Courtney, your on blogger :D
How's it going? thats so odd seeing your hair all them different colours on one page!
I think from seeing you, your hair looks healthiest and shines most its natural colour. ++ also dark is always best for the winter! x

NURA said...

I won't do it blond, dark brown looks much better!

your best friend said...

go ginger, match me ;)
I LOIKEE YOUR HAIR BROWN, butt's so we match go ginger please :) i miss you/i love you x

Hannah Waddup said...

dark brown/chesnut defo :) xx

essentially aimee said...

Blonde blonde blonde! Oh my goodness, you can pull off just about any hair color. But being able to pull off blonde is fantastic, there should be more blondes in the world! Not that I am one, hehe. I just think it looks pretty.

jada and jon said...

i love the blonde!!

if you love vintage clothing please come check us out!!


Anonymous said...

Leave your hair as it is! You remind me of Emma Watson before she chopped her lovely locks off :) you look like a natural blonde/light brown I'd have never imagined the first picture was your normal colour! It just looks unnatural to me! x

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