Sunday 21 November 2010

Oh Music, it's funny isn't it. How we can relate to so many of the lyrics that these artists have ever so carefully thought up. I bet if we were to search all tracks throughout the ages, we could most probably find a song that could relate to many moments in our lives. The happiest moment, the saddest moment, the funniest moment. The moment when you feel so low and that theres no escape, and the moment when you feel on top of the world and think that nothing can ever go wrong. There will most likely be a song out there somewhere, that some creative artist has managed to produce that you will be able to relate to. All music is usually in relation to one thing or another, the main focus usually being on love. And obviously there are many different genres of music such as classical, pop, r&b, hip-hop, grime, rap, and thats only to name a few. And there are so many artists all over the world, legends even. Music has actually got me through some of the hardest points in my life. I've actually been that inspired by the music and the lyrics that i've managed to turn things around. It really is shocking that music can have such a big impact on your life and influence you in such ways.
What inspired me to do this post?
Two beautiful songs on my itunes which happened to play one right after the other. They both have such beautiful messages which kind of corrospond with eachother but the genre of the music are total opposies. 
 Katherine Jenkins - Angel
Skillet - Hero

Katherine Jenkins sung the song which was first released by Sarah McLaughlin, 'Angel'. Katherine sung this song in the most beautiful tone, her voice is ever so unique. The song expresses the fact that you should feel comfortable in the arms of angel, and the line 'in the arms of an angel' is used a lot throughout the song. I suppose you could relate the word angel to any loved one of yours. You should feel comfortable with them, as the song also says, and be able to escape any unpleasent situation and trust them. The song is truly fascinating. To listen, click here.
Skillet sung thes song 'Hero' in such a different style to how Katherine Jenkins sung 'Angel', but there is still a message behind the song. In my view, the song expresses how no one is perfect but they are ever so close to perfection, and that they must not give up. 'i'm not superhuman' reinforces my thought on that. 'i need a hero to save me now' is a lyric used throughout the song, everyone needs a hero, everyone needs someone they feel that they can rely on. To listen, click here.
Both these songs are two favourites of mine, though the message in each is more or less the same, the way that they are produced to the audience differently, makes them ever so different. Obviously to each induvidual the song may have a different meaning to them. This is my opinion on them though.


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