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Sunday 20 May 2018

If you haven't heard of the Old English Co., they are a stationary and gift brand. They were first established in London but are now located in Stamford. Their pieces are simple and unique, and the wording on some of their items definitely appeals to people. They sell a wide range of products, such as enamel pins, prints, stationary, greeting cards, mugs, pocket mirrors, and more! Also, if you decide to purchase anything, (which you definitely should!) they have free UK Standard shipping on all orders over £30!

I've decided to create a wish list from the Enamel Pin Collection and the Prints to show you my favourites. I'm also going to include a few pieces from different categories just to show you some of the other things that they do.

Enamel Pins

1. The 'You've Got This' Enamel pin. Something i'd always look at if i just needed a bit of a pick me up. I also think the font of the writing is perfect. This pin badge is 1.1" in height.
2. The 'Good Things' Enamel pin. I just think its really pretty! I love that its written on a scroll and i think the white and gold colours work really well together.
3. The 'Grow Through What You Go Through' Enamel pin. This one is probably my absolute favourite because of what it says. Something i think everyone needs to remember!
4. The 'I Whaley Love You' Enamel Pin. How cute is this? When i saw this one i let out a 'awww' because it's THAT cute! This pin badge is 1.2" in width.
5. The 'Mama' Enamel Pin. I'm so proud to call myself a Mama so this had to be included! This pin badge is about 1.2" in width.
6. The 'She Is Fierce' Heart Enamel Pin. I love this phrase and i think the fact the pin is in the shape of heart is lovely too.

Each of the enamel pins above are priced at only £7.00! Some of these phrases are also available on other items, such as notebooks or prints. I'd love to know which pin is your favourite from the entire Enamel Pin Collection! Each individual pin comes on it's own backing card.


1. The 'You Are Braver Than You Believe' Print. I think this is a stunning quote and would look great in a bedroom or evening a living room. This print is available in sizes 5x10", 8x10", 11x14", 16x20", A4 and A3.
2. The 'Life Is Short' Print. With this print you are able to choose the size, the colour and the colour layout. There is a great choice of colours. If you want to have a duck egg layout with the text written in baby pink, then you can! The print is only available in sizes 8x10", A4 and A3.
3. The 'Better In Pyjamas' Print. The wording on this print is written in typography and is a great bedroom print. This is perfect for me as i basically live in pyjamas! This print is available in sizes 5x7", 8x10", 11x14", 16x20, A4 and A3.

All prints are printed using thick 230gsm archival matte paper and frames are not included.

Other Pieces 
1. Stay Weird Mug
2. Buy Me Pizza Embroidered Patch
3. Master Plan A5 Notebook
4. Biscuit Coaster Set
5. Mr And Mrs Ombre Card
6. Don't Quit Your Daydream Pillowcase
7. Hot Mess Makeup Pouch
8. Cocktail Tea Towel

As you can see from above, they sell a lot more than just enamel pins and prints! I absolutely love the pillowcase and tea towel that is in this collage! I also need to add that mug to my every growing my collection 'Stay Weird' is a phrase i love!

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