The Girl In The Orange Dress

Saturday, 2 January 2016

ASOS Orange Layered Skater Dress (similar here)
River Island Black & Gold Statement Necklace (similar here)
Topshop White Frilly Ankle Socks (similar here)
Primark Black Ballerina Flats (similar here)

I'd say that this look is more of a Summer outfit, but as this Winter has actually been quite warm i managed to get away with wearing this and not absolutely freezing myself to death. This dress is one of my favourite style, and i actually have it in pink and navy as well. I find that the layered skater style really suits my body shape, and also it doesn't make me feel really self conscious when wearing it, hence why i bought it in two different colours. I think this orange shade is really nice, and quite a few people told me that the colour actually really suits me. Orange isn't a colour i tend to wear much, i don't know why but it's just not a colour i tend to buy when i'm out shopping. I thought that this gold and black chunky statement necklace compliments the dress quite well too. I wanted to make this look a bit cuter, so i thought what better way to do that then with adding frilly socks! These white socks are just adorable and i think wearing them with these black flats really completes the outfit.

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Unknown said...

your dress is gorgeous and i love the orange colour! Socks look really fab too with the flats and definately does complete the outfit! Hope 2016 brings you all that you wish for hunni xx

Emily Underworld said...

You look lovely! Happy New Year!
- Emily from ♡

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