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Wednesday 14 October 2015

ASOS Pink Double Layer Sequin Dress
Boohoo Black Blazer (similar here)
New Look Ankle Strap Pointed Toe Flats (similar here)

You'll of seen in my previous post that i attended the Bloggers Blog Awards. Well here is my outfit!
I bought this gorgeous dress in the ASOS sale along with other dress with the aim of sending one back. Well, i've decided to keep them both as they are both amazing in there own way.

But anyways, i thought this dress was perfect the awards. My style is quite dressy anyway, and i have no reason to get dressed up usually so i took this opportunity to make myself feel pretty. Mum helped me with my hair and i absolutely love it in this up-do bun style. The top of this dress is sequins, which is just amazing, and the rest is a crepe material. It creases really easily, but is so comfortable to wear. It's got an easy little zip up the back in the same colour as the dress so it isn't really that noticeable. I love this nudey pink colour. Granted, it would look better on me if i had a tan, but i don't and i still love it. It was quite cold in Leeds so i wore this blazer i have from Boohoo on top, which kept me a bit warmer, but also went really well with the outfit. My shoes are ankle strap, pointed toe, black flats and i love them. They're comfortable to wear and go with majority of outfits and i think they look great with this.

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acrossthispage said...

Love the shoes, so stylish yet comfy!! I hope you had a lovely time!!

Gemma xx

In My Sunday Best said...

Love the outfit, beautiful dress and makeup :) Hope the bloggers blog awards went well!


Sade xo

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