Huge Boots Haul

Saturday 17 October 2015

As you can see from the photo above, i went on a bit of a splurge sesh in Boots. Majority of these products i haven't actually tried, but there are two in this haul that i've repurchased. Anyways, i hope you enjoy this haul! Let me know if you've tried any of the products and what you think of them if you have :)

I've been really suffering with dry lips at the moment, which i suppose is expected due to the fact the weather has changed and Winter is on it's way. I saw this and thought i may as well just buy it and keep it in my bag. To me, it smells a lot like vicks, (you know, the stuff you put on your chest/tissues when you've got a cold) I find it quite moisturising though and for only £3.49 it wasn't a bad purchase.

I didn't actually mean to pick this up in the brown black shade as i wanted just black, but i tried it out and you wouldn't really know there was a colour difference. I tried it once and wasn't overly impressed, which is surprising because i've heard lots of people rave about it. I'm going to use it again when i'm not in a rush and see what i think of it then. It's quite expensive for a drugstore product at £10.99 though.

Just like the false lash effect mascara, i've heard many people rave about this product too. I haven't tried it out yet, but i'm excited to see what it's like. I got it in the Vanilla shade and i'm really hoping that it will match my skin well. This is priced at £9.99 which isn't too bad for a foundation, especially if it's as good as people say!

This eyeshadow quad stood out to me immediately, as it's exactly the types of colours i look for when buying an eyeshadow. Nudes and golds are what i like to wear on my eyes and what i think looks good on me too, and each 4 of these colours i can actually see myself wearing. All the shades are shimmery, but i actually prefer that to matte shades when wearing eyeshadows. You can pick this up from Boots for only £6.99 which i think is a bargain!

This is my all time favourite nude lipstick. This is my 3rd repurchase of the lipstick and i just love it and for on;y £5.49, it's not exactly going to break the bank. It's nice and creamy and is just the most perfect nude shade. This is one of the lasting finish lipsticks in the Kate Moss range and out of the few i've tried, 03 is my fav. If you're looking for a new nude shade this Autumn/Winter i would 100% recommend this!

I've been wanting to buy an eyeshadow stick for a while now, and while at the train station in Leeds, i popped into Boots and saw this. It was very reasonably priced at £4.49 so i thought it was worth giving it a try. As i've already said, i love gold tones on my eyes, so i'm hoping this will look really nice. It's quite a bold gold shade, but i think with a bit of blending it'll look nice on the eyelids. 

This is my current foundation and was my first time repurchasing it. I've had numerous compliments on my skin when wearing this, and it really boosts my confidence. It's a high coverage foundation, and as it says in the name it is matte, and i think the fact it's matte is what makes my skin look so good. I wear the shade Vanilla, which happens to be the most popular shade apparently because i can never find it in store, but this shade matches my skin perfectly. This foundation is £7.99 and i would highly recommend it as i love it!

I bought an eyeliner like this from Urban Decay and it is pretty much finished now as i've used it so much. When i saw this in Boots for £4.99, i thought i'd try it out. I'm really hoping that this liner will be pigmented enough to last on the eyes for a good amount of time, and i really want the white liner to again be pigmented enough for the water line. I've tried a few other white liners for my waterline and none have been up to the mark that i'm looking for, so fingers crossed this will be it.

I've been on the hunt for some new lip liners and whatever drugstore i've gone into, it's always been a small one so they don't ever have any lip liners. I managed to go to a big enough Boots and pick up this little beauty though. This £3.99 lip liner from Rimmel is going to be a firm favourite on my lips this Autumn/Winter! The colour, obsession is like a wine/dark purple colour, and i'm so excited to try it out as this type of liner is meant to give volume to your lips too. I guess we shall have to wait and see.

Have you tried any of these products?

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