Nails #3

Sunday 20 September 2015

I don't know when this post is going to go live as i'm going to be in hospital from the 14th September to the 2nd October so i may have already changed my nails, but here is a post about them anyways :)

I went for a kind of dusky pink colour for my nails as i thought i would be a nice transitional colour. I was thinking about going to a dark berry colour, but considering the weather can't make it's mind up, i didn't want to get Autumn/Winter nails if the sun is shining so i thought this was nice. The colour is really understated but i really like it. Of course i had to get something on the accent nail as i, like most girls love to have something different on that nail. I wanted to have a simple design and i really like the design the lady did for me. It's just lines crossing and i think it looks really sophisticated. I also asked for her to make my nails a bit more pointy, and she sure did, they were pretty sharp, these photos don't do it justice. I got my nails quite short and i actually wish i'd got them longer with the point as i think at the length they are makes my fingers look quite stubby as opposed to the elongated look i was going for.

What design would you get on the accent nail?

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