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Friday 18 September 2015

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Are you a blogger going to an event? Your smartphone may just be one of the most important tools to keep on you. With some laptops being too big and heavy to take out, and some tablets being difficult to take notes on without the aid of an additional keyboard, using your mobile may just be the easiest option. This is especially true when it comes to engaging with the online community around you, grabbing photos for later, or even making quick notes or edits for blogs your posting during the event. So because the smartphone is so important, here are 5 apps that you should have when you’re blogging at events. 

Wordpress / Blogger
This is one you may already have installed, if you like to look after your blog away from the computer. Whether you have a blog on Blogger or Wordpress, either of these two apps will do wonders for you. Even if you have a self-hosted blog that’s just powered by Wordpress, you can still log in to your blog through the app, allowing you to edit and create new posts on the go.
Whilst it’s still better to write your blogs on a computer, the apps is great for going over and fixing any small details, be it a typo that slipped you by, or perhaps adding in a relevant link where you may have missed one. The Blogger and Wordpress apps are perfect for the blogger who needs inside access to their blog whilst moving!

Evernote is a digital notebook app which is absolutely fantastic, and one that I’ve used for over five years. After downloading the app, you download desktop/tablet versions to all your devices, and by signing in, you can have instant access to all your notes anywhere you go. What puts it above just using Word with OneDrive or Google Drive, is the option of including photos and even audio recordings with your notes. Evernote is the perfect tool for taking notes at events and conferences to use later on.

Scannable is an app by Evernote which allows you to scan documents and keep a digital version for a later date. Be it an itinerary, a poster, a business card, or anything else with information on you might want to keep, as long as you can point your phones camera at it, you can keep an digital version of it safe and easy to access. 

Adobe Photoshop Express
Do you need to edit your photos, but have no access to your laptop? Adobe offer a free version of Photoshop which should allow you to make the edits you want quickly and easily. Whilst there’s not much room for in-depth photo editing, it gives you access to most of the basic stuff you’ll need, and for a free app, you can’t ask for much more than that.

Layout is an app by Instagram, which allows you to create amazing and interesting collages. Want to give your friends and followers a taste of what the event is like? Create a collage with your favourite photos from the day. Not only does this work great for Social Media, but the collages would also look great as part of a blog!

Whilst there are many more apps out there that can be a great aid when it comes to blogging on the go, I find these five to be real time savers, as well as great for creating interesting content to share. Do you have a favourite app that you always use at events? Post it in the comments below, as I always love to find new apps to play with.

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