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Friday 24 January 2014

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Under Top & Top: H&M
Jeans: Boohoo

This is just really an everyday casual outfit, and is actually rather casual for me as i'm used to always dressing in skirts or dresses. I love these pastel pink jeans, they're not only comfortable, but they're a gorgeous colour too. I think this blue lace top goes really nicely with the jeans and the colours really compliment one another. The black top underneath was a necessity to keep my modesty as i didn't want my bra on show, and i think the black top actually works really well with the outfit too. I'm not wearing any jewellery as i think the colours both really popped off one another that it didn't need any.

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Glasses Girl said...

I really love this pastel blue top, it's so pretty! I really enjoy reading your posts as they arrive in my inbox :) Hope you're well xx

Zoe Archer said...

Love the tops. And the pink of the jeans is a gorgeous colour. Hope you are feeling ok x

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