Bambi's Hair Care On A Budget (Guest Post)

Sunday 26 January 2014

Hi lovelies, I’m Bambi from Maklina Makeup and today I’m going to talk about my favourite budget hair care products. My hair is less of a priority than it should be and as a student I’m usually quite low on spare cash so all my everyday hair care items are low-cost, decent quality products that work really well for the price. Unfortunately a lot of my hair products have been left behind at my old flat – since I’m no longer a blonde, things like toners were forgotten, sorry! Let’s have a quick look at what I’ve been using lately (excuse the Australian pricing, I’ve found the £ price where possible, give or take!)


[Budget Hair 2]
Tresemmé Heat Tamer Protective Spray - $7.00AUD (£5.00±)

Everyone needs a good thermal spray to protect their hair from heat damage. I use this whenever I blow dry or heat-style my hair and it works really well. This doesn’t weigh down or leave any kind of residue in my hair like I’ve had with some other brands.

[Budget Hair 3]
Schwarzkopf Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin - $7.50AUD (£5.00±)

I have two of these, one for when my hair is feeling really dry and one for protecting new colour when I have dyed my hair. I don’t find there to be a lot of difference between the two but they both leave my hair feeling a lot silkier without being heavy or greasy. These are great for everyday use, or just spritzing my hair before I leave the house.

[Budget Hair 4]
Babyliss Pro Argan Oil - $16.00AUD (£10.00±)

I’ve tried a few Argan Oils and Babyliss Pro turned out a lot better than I expected. You get a lot of product for the price you pay and it leaves my hair feeling so shiny and soft! I would actually recommend buying the bottled version of this rather than the spray, this tends to leave a little oily layer on my skin and the bathroom floor if I’m not careful…

[Budget Hair 5]
Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment - $10.00AUD (£6.00±)

The ones pictured here are just what I’m using at the moment – they’re the free treatments that comes with box dyes (I’m so cheap, haha) but I would definitely recommend the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep conditioner. It’s only about £6.00 and works absolute wonders! Protein treatments are amazing for reviving damaged and dry hair. Be sure to only use the treatment once a week though, too much protein in your hair can actually cause it to fall out, eek! As long as you don’t use it too often, protein treatments are my absolute favourite thing to do, I pretty much brought my hair back from the dead when I bleached it to white too many times.

[Budget Hair 6]
Tigi Bed Head Ego Boost - $19.00AUD (£8.00±)

I love this leave in conditioner, it’s so hydrating and smoothing. It leaves my ends feeling so soft but I find that it does tend to weigh my hair down a bit, so I save this for night time, or when I straighten my hair. I don’t really have anything bad to say about it otherwise! It’s a little more expensive than my other products (over here, anyway) but it’s definitely worth the price.

[Budget Hair 7]

Garnier Mousse & Taft Hairspray - $6.00 (£2.65±)

I love this Garnier mousse for adding volume to my hair when I blow dry. It has the sweetest, fruitiest smell and doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky at all. Of all the hairsprays at my local beauty store, Taft is the only one that will hold my hair perfectly without making it rock hard or sticky-feeling. Because of this it’s great for everyday use and for perfect, sculpted looks.

So that’s everything for my hair care on a budget! It is a bit of a poorly range since I’ve moved out but I hope you can keep these in mind next time you need an inexpensive quick fix. Thanks for reading; you can find me on twitter @maklinamakeup if you have any questions or in the comments below!
Bambi xxx

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