GHD Air Review & Hairstyle

Tuesday 31 December 2013

So i was sent this product by the lovely people over at GHD to review and create some form of hairstyle with it. It's a beautiful product and definitely something i'd recommend you to buy. You'll find out why if you keep reading.

DSCF4019 DSCF4022 
The packaging was really gorgeous, the box it was in was prim and proper and really attracts you to the product, making it obvious that it's infact a hairdryer that you'll be purchasing. Once opening the box, the hairdryer and the parts that you attach to it are set out nicely and organised making it easy to find what you want when looking for a specific part. The hair dryer has a medium setting and also a fast setting so you can adjust the hair dryer to blow at whichever speed you prefer. It also has the option of being hot or very hot, as well having a cool button to so that you have the exact heat you after to create the look you want.

DSCF4025 This is me with wet hair before brushing my hair or using the hair dryer on it.

DSCF4027 Using the tangle teezer to get all the knots out of my hair before blow drying it.

DSCF4029 Hair's all brushed, now time to use the product.

DSCF4035 Blow drying my hair just trying to get it to a damp stage.

DSCF4037 Using the brush with the hairdryer to create a straight hair look.

DSCF4041 Blow dryed my hair and created this straight hair look, now to create something with my fringe.

I decided to try to create a quiff so by using the brush and the hairdryer together, to create some volume to hopefully hold a small quiff.

Ta Da! This is the result. A relatvely straight hair look with a small quiff. The quiff didn't need clipping to stay in place, and has sat really nicely for a good couple of hours without hair spray or a clip.

Personally, i love this hair dryer, not only does it dry your hair quicker than other hair driers i've used in the past, it also dries it really nicely leaving your hair feeling all fluffy. It's not heavier than a normal hair dryer so it's not to heavy on the wrists, (this is coming from someone with two broken wrists at the moment haha) This really is a great product and something i've advise hair lovers to invest in.

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Unknown said...

The packaging look proper nice, it gives the expensive look :) I like the pink in your hair, it suits you

Dash xx

Deborah said...

Hmm I should try this blowdryer! Thanks for the review!

xo Deborah
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