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Monday 30 December 2013

6 Party Clutches You'll Love This Season

It’s officially Christmas! And it couldn’t have come any sooner. We understand the demands of the season, and one of them is to attend many a Christmas party. Stuck with a basic clutch that does nothing for your LBD? Not to worry, we’ve consulted the latest trends to ensure you’ll be carrying the cutest clutch in the room!

The playing card clutch
clutch 1
A real quirky piece hand-crafted by Greek designer Urania Gazelli from plexi glass. Fashionistas trotted around fashion week with their boxy playing card clutches, some of them being personalised with their own initials. A Urania Gazelli clutch will run you a hefty £800-£1000, so the key is to take inspiration and search for a party bag that’s graphic and kitschy.

The Holographic clutch
holo clutch 3
The hologram trend has been everywhere this season, and the classic clutch was no exception. Petite and structured, large and slouchy, there really are a plethora of holographic clutches to choose from. New look is at the fore front, but ASOS and American Apparel stock a good range too.

Lunch bag clutch
lunch bag clutch 3
First seen on the AWa12 catwalks of Jil Sander, a wave of obsession quickly ensued. Everyone wanted a piece of her uniquely simple take on the clutch. There are tons (and I mean tons) of DIYs on the internet, and it’s definitely worth the time to get your hands on a look-a-like gem that seems rather spacey, so you won’t be losing anything on a night out. Alternatively, New Look has some sleek lunch bag clutches for under £10, and Motel Rocks has a shiny silver one to get you in the party mood.

Clear clutch
clear clutch 4 Ever the source of stylish innovation, the clutch has had a minimalist brush-up this year. The clear clutch may make you a bit choosey on what you put in there, and you may find yourself colour coordinating your iPhone case with your purse because you’re “wearing your clear clutch today”. Its transparency allows you to get creative by displaying a bright and glitzy purse inside. You could even get your DIY on and make your own transparent clutch. Don’t just limit yourself to clear though; you can get bright neons too!

The oversized clutch
oversized clutch This’ll bring some much needed practicality to a rather unpractical accessory. Not only can you stuff a decent amount of things in there, they come in fresh colours, prints and materials too. All whilst adding a touch of LA diva to your Christmas party outfit.

Slogan clutch
slogan clutch 4
If you’ve got something to say, stick it on your clutch. Seen on many a celeb and blogger, the slogan is a unique and quirky addition to any party outfit. You can rest assured that nobody will be sporting the
same clutch as you, and it could also prove to be a great conversation starter. Sounds like a win win party situation to me.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!
-Daily Mint xo
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