Saturday 6 July 2013


Stylight is a fashion community based in Germany which focuses on personal style. It is a great fashion search engine and was founded in 2008. They are the biggest fashion community in Europe and work with 4,000 different brands and 70 online shops. While a member of Stylish you are able to discover the current fashion trends and are able to see a variety of items. Your able to share your personal style through social networking sites too.

Stylight in my eyes is a little similar to Pinterest, though Stylight focuses mainly on current fashion, and the majority of the items that they have on their community are currently available to buy from that specific store. You are able to 'heart' things that you like and you are able to save things to your board if you ever wanted to go back to them for future reference. Stylight is easy to use and get around the community, and is also very descriptive. For example, when searching for 'dresses', a variety of dresses comes up that you are available to chose from such as 'Halterneck', 'Bandeau', 'Party' etc. I think this is one of those sites that your either going to love or hate, i mean you won't particularly be a fan if your not really a fashion/clothes lover. Personally, i'm still a tad unsure, i think i just need to spend a bit more time getting used to it. Would love for you to give me YOUR opinions on the community though.

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