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Monday 22 April 2013

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Necklace: Sainsburys
I bought this cute little dress a while ago, and i've been waiting for it to be a little bit warmer so i could wear it. It's so comfortable and sits really nicely. I really like the shade of blue and i think the print on the dress makes the dress seem really angelic and makes me feel like i look all innocent. I wanted to keep with my little summer theme, so was determined not to wear any black with this outfit, which i actually succeeded in doing. I even have bare legs which i hate! I did go and put tights on after due to how self concious i was feeling about my legs, but i'm not stepping out again, so no one shall see muhaha. I really like this cropped jacket, which was bought from a Charity Shop, the puffy shoulders look great with the dress and the colour really compliments the blue.

I've got a busy week this week actually, which is a first for me! I'm going to Crawley tomorrow to watch my brother play football in his last game of the season, which he best appreciate as i turned down a £60 cash in hand job to watch him as i promised! Best sister ever right!? I've got two hospital appointments on Wednesday, one with my Psychiatrist and then one with my Occupational Therapist, so that's going to be one hectic day, very informative though. Definitely think i'll be spending my Thursday & Friday resting, i'm gonna need it.  

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char said...

That dress is lovely on you x

Anonymous said...

Good luck at the hospital x

Anonymous said...

Good luck! THis is so beautiful on you - I can't wait until summertime... xo

littlemisschinagirl said...

Amazing dress,love it!

Joy said...

Lovely outfit :) I love the colour of the dress and the 'C' ring is so cute x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! OX

The Diary of a Brunette Shopaholic said...

Love that dress x

Unknown said...

love that darling dress!

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