Week In Photos #10

Sunday 13 January 2013

A yummy breakfast of melon & grapes, cute little bow, posing, girl date with Sophia, all snuggled under a blanket, me & Aisha, me & Tasha, & Aisha, silly smiley photo with Aisha, HOPE, huge bruise on my back after a night out, cute young photo of me when i was younger, i miss my beautiful Grandma.

I had quite a good night on Friday, but oh my i came home so battered and bruised! I've got a bruised swollen hand, a scuffed knee and a huge bruise on my back, oh well at least i know i had a good night haha! I've not got a busy week planned unfortunately, really need to plan a few things i'm fed up of always being bored! Also, i bought Sims3 to play on my laptop, and my CD drive doesn't work, SO not happy about that!



daisychain said...

Wow that bruise is intense! x

Eloise said...

ouch that bruise looks painfull! But Im the same, I use my bruises to measure if it was a good night or not!

Anita said...

That bruise looks painful! But it looks like you had a great week.

Hola Bambi said...

Lovely photos xx

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