Tartan Snow

Monday 14 January 2013

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Hat, Dress, Tights: New Look
Blazer: Planet

I bought this dress in the sale, it was one of those pieces that my eyes was just drawn too! To be honest, i'm really shocked it even fits considering it's part of their 9-14 range, and is actually meant for a child! Considering i have a part Scottish heritage, i've always been a huge fan of Tartan, but i've never been able to find the perfect Tartan scarf, so when i was saw this dress i knew i just had to have it, and for only £10 too, it couldn't get much better. This smart casual look is just perfect in the snowy weather that we have here in Hertfordshire at the moment. A loose blazer and a bobble beanie makes this outfit still really cute, but yet still has the touch of sophistication to it too. I feel like such a little girl in this outfit to be fair, i think it could be due to the fact that i was shooting these photos in the snow too haha! I love the snow!

I have no plans this week, and due to the snow falling down at the moment, any plans i would of had would of most likely had to be cancelled anyways. So a week of going through blogs, playing Sims 3 and watching movies does sound pretty good to be honest! A while ago i nominated myself to be one of Star Central's Magazine's 2012 Blogger of the Year. Surprisingly  i got through to they're poll with 3 other candidates, and i NEED you to vote for me to help me get my votes up and win please. You can access the web page here to vote. Wish me luck!



HannahMay said...

I love tartan and great photos in the snow :)

HannahMay xo

daisychain said...

I'm tartan obsessed at the moment, love this!

You&I said...

Love your outfit! The snow is so magical. I am so in love with tartan, I always have been! My sister got a gorgeous tartan scarf from eBay xx

Rand T said...

loveee that dress xx

Unknown said...

I love this outfit. You look very cute xx

Heidi-likes said...

I love your tartan dress! X

jennie said...

So beautiful! I LOVE your dress so much <3

Jennie xo |

Unknown said...

Yay for snowy photos. I intend to do some of these today. Love the tartan.

Unknown said...

I have a similar dress, i love how you've styled this though so stylish!

Hola Bambi said...

Eeeek , that tartan dress is beautiful xx

Mathilda said...

Perfect outfit :)


Mathilda from Top Knot and tea Cups

Unknown said...

Wow, i love that tartan dress :). Such a lovely blog, im now following xo

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