You've Been Remade

Wednesday 22 February 2012


Scarf+Bracelet: Unknown. Shirt: Vintage. Skirt: River Island. Tights: Topshop. Ring: New Look.

I love adding a big splash of colour to a simply coloured outfit. This bright pink pashmina gives the outfit a bold, vibrant edge to it. I love this black skater skirt which is a recent purchase. It's just so easy to wear, it can be worn with more or less anything, but i think my favourite thing to wear with it is going to be a blouse or shirt, keeping it simple, yet classy. Skater skirts are meant to suck in your waisst and slim your legs and blacks known to be a slimming colour so you can't really go wrong with a skirt like this, it's something every girl should have in her wardrobe. Readers of my blog will know i'm very insecure and i'm not going to lie, i think i look incredibly chubby in these photos, i do have a couple small tops on under my shirt, and the pashmina does hide my neck which probably doesn't help, but still, i'm not best pleased with how i look in these photos. Although, bearing in mind it was ridiculously early as well, i'll just blame it on that.

I need to look into booking a tattoo, i'm very picky about tattoo's, i know i want something personal to me and meaningful. Something to represent how much i've been through and that i'm still here after it all, that i'm still strong and growing. Anyone got any ideas to help me out? I think i want the writing 'never lose hope' in script written with it too, but i'm not entirely sure.



daisychain said...

I love the pop of bright pink!

Laura said...

This is very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Love the skirt & the splash of colour :) Kate x

L* said...

oh what a sweet shirt. it matched really good with the skirt.

Jan said...

Ah I love this outfit,
the top, the scarf, the skirt,
they're perfect, piece by piece!

underthewillowtrees said...

Love the pop of colour. You probably won't listen to this, but you are teeny tiny. Wish I could be as 'chubby' as you xx

Myriam said...

Very nice outfit ! :)

Nisha said...

Ooh I love the pink scarf & ring!

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