Friday 24 February 2012

*I decided to only write about Day 5 and not Day 6 of London Fashion Week as i wasn't as interested particularly interested in the Men's collection in Fashion Week, and i never tend to write about Male Clothing*
Can you believe that it's London Fashion Week 2012. It's come around so quickly. LFW is showcasing some of the A/W 2012 trends, what colours, materials and structures are meant to be in trend once Spring & Summer come to a close.
Below you will see a range of different designers listed who showed their pieces on Day 5 of London Fashion Week. Obviously more designers then the ones i've listed were there, but these are some of my favourite designers based on their pieces for A/W12. From all their pieces i've picked a few of my favourite pieces from their that were shown during LFW and created these collages.

Mary Katrantzou Collection

Mary Katrantzou
About:  Mary Katrantzou is orginally from Athens in Greece and  previously worked for Sophia Kokosalaki and freelanced for Bill Blass, as well as working with/for other designers. Design Signatures of Mary Katrantzou are Bold Graphics, Industrial Jewellery, and a Hyperrealist Aesthetic. Her inspiration for her A/W12 collection happen to be quite simple things; Still Life, A Crayon Box and Victoriana. When it comes to a Trademark Piece, Mary says that the it would have to be a dress inspired by the filtered beauty in design, mapped around the female figure.

David Koma Collection

David Koma
About: David Koma is orginally from Georgia but grew up in Saint-Petersburg. He says that his trademark  piece has got to be The Sculptural Dress with Metal Embellishment. Marchesa Luisa Casati, ancestral portraits and gambling were all inspiration for him when designing the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. There are lots of exciting projects that 2012 has to offer David Koma, so keep your eyes peeled!

Holly Fulton Collection

Holly Fulton
About: Holly Fulton is a designer originally from Edinburgh in Scotland. Graphic Print, Hot Accessories Luxurious Materials are signatures for Holly Fulton. During 2012 the Company hopes to grow and expand its capabilities. Three A/W inspirations for this collection were a Rainbow, Kit Williams, and what it means to be sexy and chic, and her Trademark Piece happens to be a Full-Length Digitally Printed Monochrome Dress in Silk Jersey.
Emilio De La Morena Collection

Emilio De La Morena
About: A designer who orginates from Spain, Emilio De La Morena has worked for Rafael Lopez and Jonathan Saunders before creating his own label. He says that his design signatures for his label are that of 'Sculptural Chic'. The pieces in this collection have a strong,yet modern look to them and are meant to make the woman feel like she is not afraid to stand out by wearing bold and vibrant pieces.

I'm really liking the designers of the outfits i've showed above. Their collections are truly great and each very different. I'm enjoyng Mary Katrantzou's very abstract outfits, clearly very art-inspired. due to all the different colours & funky patterns. David Koma's collection has a lot of weird styles incorporated into it, but i like how he's kept the colouring simple, yet expanded a tad on the detailing in weird, yet wonderful ways. Holly Fulton's collection is full of bright eye-catching colours, such as bold pinks and vibrant blues, shows major femininity and it doesn't suprise me that one of her inspiration for this A/W 2012 collection was 'Rainbow'! Emilio De La Romena's collection is full of classy pieces, that could be worn to work or to an evening event. There's nothing really too striking about this collection there's nothing that particularly stands out due to the simpleness of the designs and the colours, but the fact that it's not too OTT, is what makes it work!

All the designers that showcased their collections on Day 5 of London Fashion Week are as follows.. Mary Katrantzou, Peter Jensen, David Koma, Anya Hindmarch, Roksanda Illinic, Holly Fulton, Emilio De La Morena

Can you believe that's London Fashion Week over for another year, Some of the pieces we've seen ready to hit us in the upcoming 2012 Autumn/Winter are going to be fabulous, we really are in for a treat this year!
What did you think of London Fashion Week 2012 then? Were there any Designers, Collections or Pieces that really stood out for you?! I'd love to hear your opinions!





LillianZahra said...

I love everything in the Mary Katrantzou collection. x

Unknown said...

i was at holly fulton for grazia, pls take 1 sec to vote. xxx

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