I'm as cold as ice

Friday 10 February 2012


Jumper: River Island. Skirt: Ebay.

I'm so limited to what i'm able to wear at the moment due to my operation, my options vary between pj bottoms, tracksuit bottoms or maxi skirts. Obviously to leave the house in, it's going to be a maxi skirt. I've worn this maxi skirt, with a jumper that i got for my birthday, pretty cute right? I love how the grey and white has been knitted together to give a kind of speckled effect on the jumper, and the pastel pink stripes are cute. I love maxi skirts they're just so easy to wear and are always comfortable, and with this little knit it was a perfect little outfit.


Okay, so yes, this is me in my current state at the moment. I really am such a numpty aren't i haha! Regular readers will know that i  had an operation on the 30th January, and yes i'm recovering well. BUT until i see my consultant on the 21st March my mum won't let me leave the hosue unless i'm in the wheelchair. Yes, i can totally understand due to the snow and the ice at the moment. (Killng me that i can't go out and play in it!) 


Please may I? said...

Well I am pleased your on the mend and I totally agree with your mom! ( its the mothering instinct coming out in me!)

Take care of your self!

Any you are looking fab!

X x

Anonymous said...

You're really rocking the wheelchair well, again hope it heals well :) x

Ella said...

gorgeous jumper! glad you are recovering well :) xx
Ella @ Belle Vintage

Claudia Kitten said...

Love this outfit. Your jumpers lovely.
Claudia xxx

Jaz xo said...

Ah I love that jumper! xo

daisychain said...

LOVE that jumper xo

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Wish I could pull off a maxi skirt look as well as you do! Looks like such a cosy outfit with the jumper too (: Hope you're recovering well sweetie! xx

The Beatniq said...

I'm glad your getting better. I do love your sweater.

oomph. said...

cutest sweater ever! love the stripes, love the colors, love the little pocket! wishing you a speedy recovery.


Unknown said...

It's good you're getting better! Love your jumper, it looks so cosy and the colours are devine.

Hello Naka said...

i love your jumper,i hope u get better soon!

Rianna said...

Awww you poor house bound little thing! Yes snow and ice is really not wheel chair friendly (I feel a gap in the market here for some kind of contraption that overcomes this issue?! Dragons den moment . . . )

Anyway, the jumper is so pretty, I love it. And glad to hear you are on the mend

Rianna xx

Maria Chloe said...

So cute!:)

umi said...

love this outfit.I love maxi skirt,too.

Sandra Leiva said...

What a cute sweater! <3

Clara Turbay said...

Fabulous i´ll be back soon.

Anonymous said...


Vicky said...

Thank you for your comment, glad to see you are doing well sweetie and you're looking fab xxx

Shannon Beer said...

Great outfit, love the jumper!xx

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