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Monday 5 December 2011

My 18th's birthday is fast approaching, it's literally only 13 days away and i cannot wait. I just want to have a good time, enjoy myself, have a few drinks and be around my good friends & family. It's so weird to think  that i'm going to be an 'adult' in a few mere days. Things have already started changing, i had to change from a 'child' therapist to a therapist from adult services today, and it's just to weird to think i could LEGALLY go into a shop and buy alcohol and cigarettes.. life really is passing me by rather quickly, flipping heck.
Anyways, like most typical girls i suppose i have a rather large wishlist of things i'd like to open on the morning of my birthday :D

- SLR Camera
- Selection of photoframes
-Gucci Guilty perfume
- 18th helium balloons
- A nice pair of heels

To be fair, i love sentimental gifts, if someone hand-made me something, even if it was jjust a photoframe with stuck on pasta shells or something, i'd be over the moon, things that are cheaper and you've put a lot of thought into, are a lot better than an expencive presents which have been randomly bought. But, hey that's just me. :D



Laurel said...

Aw that's a nice list - not materialistic at all! I know what you mean about handmade gift, it's always extra special :)

Happy birthday for 13 days!

daisychain said...

that's such a sweet list <3

Zoe said...

Such a nice list! Happy early birthday!

Unknown said...

Your blog is so cute. The post below was so interesting too! Have a good birthday. For a nice pair of heels, check out my post!

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