Tuesday 13 December 2011

So i did another disappearing act.. again. I seem to always do them when things in my life start getting really hard to deal with.. smoooooth right!? So, to update y'all... me & my long term boyfriend have decided to end our relationship due to several reasons. My birthday is fast approaching, as is my holiday to Dubai. I'm missing my Grandma like crazy. My medical problems are still not that good, and i'm worrying about my family. Still doesnt' make up for my time away, i know.. but i'll be back with a bang. 2012 will be a good year for zee blog, i can feel it! Oh god, you know you've been a bad blogger when you can't even find any recent photos, oh my things really have been bad haha!

So, you can't really see it very well in this photo, but i got my hair dyed today, the usual blondeyness, but there are some reddy-brown bits running in through it. A tiny bit of a change. LOVE my hairdresser, i went in there and was like 'just cut it off and totally change it'... i think we can safely say i get just a teeeeeeny bit impulsive when things are running smoothly. But yeah, love how well she knows me, and she gave me a teeny change, with a trim, :)




Erin said...

Sorry to hear things aren't great for you at the moment. On a lighter note your hair looks beautiful! x

daisychain said...

I hope things get better for you soon,

you look gorgeous


Anonymous said...

Hope things start looking u soon, im sure next year will be better!

& love your hair!

Kate xx

Laura said...

I'm really sorry about you and your boyfriend!

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