Tuesday 25 October 2011


Sorry for being a total rubbish blogger recently, i've just had no motivation whatsoever for anything! Heres a few random photos of me being an absolute dipstick, enjoy haha! It's not as if i've actually been doing anything, regular readers of my blog will know that i spend the majority of the time either at hospital appointments or slumped on the sofa with no energy. Woah behold, that's what i've been doing, although last week i did spend every morning in a nursery doing work experience. I came away with a really good review and they said that on my school days off i'm more than welcome to build my experience hours up by working there as they really like me WOO! It's half term at the moment, and i'm spending it relaxing, recharging my batteries as such considering i have no energy. As i posted the other day it was my Grandma's 1 year anniversary of her death on Saturday and an uncle of mine died a couple of days before, so i think the term 'emotionally drained' is probably what i've been feeling. I'm just hoping things will improve soon :)

Oh yeah, and i definately haven't mentioned it here on my blog but anyone who follows me on twitter will know HOW EXCITED I AM TO BE SPENDING CHRISTMAS IN DUBAI! A tad unfair that you have to be 21 to legally drink in Dubai, and i turn 18on the 18th December and i'm flying on the 21st, but ohwells, i'm majorly excited! So many activites to be done out there! Will post more in detail soon and will resume normal blogging activity soon too! *promise*



Unknown said...

I love your hair! how do you get it like that?
Kayla xoxo

Anonymous said...

you'd probably pass as 21 there so it should be okay haha! hope you have a lovely time xx

Please may I? said...

loving the random photos!

Lucky you jetting off! Wow what a place to enjoy Christmas. i am very jealous!

X x

underthewillowtrees said...

Ooh, I like the colour of your top. And lucky you going away at Christmas. I'm not jealous. Nope...

Enjoy the rest of half-term.

Georgia xx

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