Thursday 27 October 2011


Blouse+Cardigan: Vintage. Shorts: New Look. Tights: Topshop.

Quite a cute casual outfit really, nothing incredible about it, besides the fact that the vintage cardigan i'm wearing was my grandma's. I love wearing some pieces of hers, there so beautiful and it makes me feel close to her because i miss her greatly. This cardigans lovely, i love the pale pink colour and it's unique design all over it. I tucked in the bow of this pussy bow blouse as it didn't really look right with the outfit, made the blouse look very Victorian with it tucked in actually. My little modern twist on this outfit, my good old denim shorts. You definately can't go wrong with a pair of denim shorts, there a must have in every girls wardrobe. It's around time i invested in another pair actually, there getting a bit too big and losing their shape, sigh. Okay, don't like my legs at all in these photos, silly body woes!

It finally hit me last night that i only have 7 more sessions with my therapist until i move onto an adult therapist instead of a child one. It really scared me actually because i've got such a good bond with her and i really trust her, and the whole having to confide in someone else about my problems just doesn't sound appealing, ohwells, all a part of growing up i guess. I've successfully done no school work this halfterm, woops, i'm planning to go out tonight for a few drinks for a friends birthday, hopefully that'll put me in a good mood to do my school work at the weekend, i really need to do it, i'm behind enough as it is and i don't have any extra time to catch up on work within the school week. A blood test, a doctors appointment, 2 hospital appointments, therapy AND a funeral. Yes, it's going to be a busy, not fun, stressful week!



Gertrude said...

Hope you'll find some time to have a bit of fun this week :) The cardi is so cute.. lucky you get to wear your grandma's clothes x

GeorgieWilding said...

Your legs look fine, don't worry about how they look in these pics. I love your grans cardi and the shirt, I'd have gone for the victorian look haha x

Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

I love that blouse :) and the cardigan is adorable too!


Zoe said...

The cardigan is so pretty!


AdelGomez said...

You look adorable in these photos, I like your style!
Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Lovely cardie, looks so gorgeous x

Hayley said...

I love the cardigan, it's so sweet that it was your Grandma's :)
You look great! x

Candize B. said...

So soso CUTE! Love the outfit!

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Waaa that cardy is adorable! My Granny doesn't give any of her clothes away unfortunately ): She has some gorgeous knitwear and trophy jackets, as well as a Hermes and Louis Vuitton silk scarf stash, that I've had my eye on for an age! :P Hope you had a lovely time tonight, and I hope you're not too overwhelmed in the next week ): xxx

Temporary:Secretary said...

It is such a lovely cardi, Courtney. And more so that it belonged to your grandma, you can't put a price on possessions like that! x

Angel Garcia said...

Love it! Nothing wrong with wearing short shorts in the fall...

All the best, ~Angel

Francesca Giusti said...

love this post and also your blog. I follow u!
pass to my blog and follow me too if it likes you!

Veronica said...

love the pink sweater!!

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