Saturday 3 September 2011


Dress: New Look Tights: Topshop Ring: River Island Nail Varnish: Models Own, Mushroom

This shift dress was one of those items that i saw and had to have, yet despite it being in my wardrobe for a long while, since the Spring i think it hasn't been worn. How bad of me! My reason for not wearing it as actually pretty pathetic to be honest, i just never thought it would suit me. Yes, probably should of thought about that BEFORE i buyed it but ohwell. Not that it just wouldn't suit me, i wasn't entirely sure what i'd wear it with, although i'm so glad i remembered i had this, will be perfect to wear to Sixth Form to meet they're 'smart wear' dress code. Red always goes perfectly with gold jewellery! It makes the outfit look a little more sophisticated too. I haven't overdone it with the jewellery, i've kept it simple with a gold rhinestone ring.

My last weekend of Summer, can you believe it? After all this time i've had free doing nothing and being bored, it's now officially my last weekend of freedom, and i still haven't started my introductory assignments. Woops.  



lillie said...

Just stumbled across your blog, I LOVE this dress! Literally last night I was scowering the net to find a red shift dress! I love the classic shape and it suits you so nicely. You've just made me want to get one a little bit more now!! Great post x

daisychain said...

ohhh that dress = amazeballs on you C x

Unknown said...

omg you look amazing! that dress fits you absolutely perfectly. what a babe x

Anonymous said...

prettyy! <3 im jealous haha :)

Michelle Loreto said...

Well, it looks like the dress suits you perfectly to me, haha! It's a wonderful colour and looks so sophisticated, love how you've styled it too, very chic.

x Michelle |

Anonymous said...

you look AMAZING Courtney x

Jordana Lilly said...

Beautiful!! Stunning in red. Love the blog!

xox Jordana

Caterina Salvietti said...

I love your blog! So cute!
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xoxo Katy

Stephanie said...

Great dress x

Steph said...

Such a lovely dress, you look gorgeous in red x

Lucia said...

so cute, this dress looks lovely on you. i love the colour!

Shara said...

awesome dress dear:)La Folie 

DailyGlamour said...

love that dress !

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