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Tuesday 2 August 2011

As you all should be aware, i'm off to Zante in the early hours of Thursday morning! The first night out there we're meeting up with the lads (my boyfriend and all his friends) to celerbrate a couple of their birthdays. Should be a fun night, but they've decided we all must wear fancy dress.. so theres going to be about 20 of us in Zante randomly dressed up, but ohwell it'll be highly amusing. Some of the boys have got ridiculous costumes such as a penguin suit.. ridiculous in the heat!

I'd been trying to think of a cheap option for fancy dress without having to splash out a lot of money as i'm saving the pennies for holiday. I looked on Ebay and in Fancy dress stores, but everything was either totally not in my budget or a bit too revealing or skin tight for my liking.. i know i'm way too picky right! Deciding what i wanted to go as was probably the trickiest part, i'm so indecisive.

This is what the dress looked like to begin with, i bought it from a charity shop for £6.79! Bargain or what aye! Originallly this dress is from Marks & Spencer's Atmosphere range. The dress is a medium and is way too big on me considering i'm a small or an x-small. As you can see it sits just above my ankles.


I outlined on the dress where i wanted the cuts made and because i'm useless at cutting i asked my dad to cut along the lines. I asked him to make the cuts quite raggedy to get the look i was going for.


And here we have it, my finished Fancy Dress costume. I decided on going as a Cavegirl. We got the front down quite low, and cut the bottom of the dress a lot shorter. We then cut a diamond shape at the front and the back, so its a bit more floaty. Kind of looks a bit like a toga i suppose. The belt is my own and i used it to make the dress sit a lot nicer and give more of the effect that i wanted. The necklace is something i bought and i think it goes perfectly.


So what do you think? My Cavegirl outfit! And i only spent £9.04!

Belt: My own - Free
Dress: Marks & Spencers - £6.79
Necklace: Fancy Dress Shop - £2.25



Susanne said...

great idea :)

Mitchey Mick said...

You could always add a caveman club for £1.99 too.

Nicely Done!

Of The Saints said...

Your costume looks great :) fab money saving idea too!

Gertrude said...

Such a great DIY! Great job :)

Erin said...

Looks great, hope you have an amazing time! x

Unknown said...

That is one of the best cave girl costumes ive seen and it won't be too hot! Have an amazing time, zante is so much fun and beautiful, went there last year!

Unknown said...

That is such a good idea & a good costume too since you won't be too hot. Have a great time x

The Style Rawr said...

Wow good work! So much better than the usual Cave Girl outfits you see in town, we like a lot!

T & J


Katie said...

Gorgeous, it came out great! xo

Jaymie said...

such a cool idea, looks great!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! :D It looks fab. Enjoy your holiday!

Natalie x

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