Tuesday 30 August 2011


Top, Skirt, Tights: Topshop

When i saw this tee in store, i knew i had to have it, it was priced at around £18 so it was a definite must have. The top itself is lovely, i really like the shape of it and how it is that little bit baggier around the chest area allowing it to sit differently to most tops. I never tend to buy tops that have any form of text on them, i'm more of a plain jane in that respect, but i really like the font that this text is written in, and it sits nicely when being worn. The phrase 'vous et moi' means 'you and me' in french, and i think it just looks sexy really. The sexyness appeal is upped when you notice the heart underneath the 'et', so the top can be read as either 'you and me' or 'you love me'. Lovely. I need to invest in more of these flippy skirts, they're so easy to wear and are just generally comfortable. When i first put this skirt on earlier today i can assure you that it was not creased in the slightest, but thanks to my lovely little Brody my skirt is now rather creased, the things i do for that pup!



Anonymous said...

i love the top! looks gorgeous with the skirt :) x

Roxanne van de Zanden said...

Love your outfit,especially the top!
By the way thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog honey!

shanice said...

Aw I love the writing on the top :) you look lovely!x

Hayley said...

I really love that top, I love anything French! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a skirt like this for ages ! It's so fancy. Plus, the shade is very transitional, it can fit in any season.

Lovely outfit.


Catte said...

Love the top, tres pretty

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