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Sunday 3 April 2011


cardigan: Charity Shop
tunic: Ebay
shorts: New Look
tights & bracelet: Topshop

Bordem majorly hit me, so i thought ahhh let's do an outfit post. The lighting around and in my house was absolutely dreadful today, and i am not best pleased with the outcome of these photos but i suppose they'll have to do. I rather like todays outfit, ignore the fact i'm wearing my UGG boots, i know they really don't go, but my rooms a total mess as it's being done up and i only really wear my UGGs when i go out as they're easiest to walk in because of my leg. I couldn't get to another pair of shoes even if i wanted too. The baby pink and the tan compliment really well, i have such a lovely for neutral colours, they're just so pretty! I always wear something that's black, usually black tights, they're slimming and i don't have the most flattering of legs, they make me feel a lot more comfortable. I bought this 'P.E.A.C.E' bracelet the other day, it's lovely and it resembles everything i believe in. World peace and ending poverty, yes.. hard and chances of them being ended in the near future and highly unlikely, but i'd love to do something to aid them.

I hope your all spoling your mothers today! I'm not doing a thing for my mum today. She asked me not to, and everytime i told her i was going to get her something anyways she literally burst into tears. It's the first Mothers Day without my nan, and it's really upset me mum. So in my household, there is no mothers day, it's just another sunday.(i tried to make it 'Courtney day' but she wasn't having any of that haha) Although, i have being making the mother lots of cups of tea and giving her plenty of hugs! I really want to bake her a cake or have bought her something, but i knew i couldn't. It wouldn't of been fair on her. Anyways though LOVE YOU MUM!
Would be totally lost without my mum, as i think a lot of people would be. I can't express just how much i love her. She's been there for me through so so so much when plenty of people have given up on me. I've been so nasty to her when i've been ill, and she's still been there. I owe her so so so much! She's truly one in a million and we've got such a good relationship, she's like my bestfriend more than my mum. <3 <3 <3
Because i wasn't allowed to wish my mum 'Happy Mothers Day' as i didn't want to make her sad etc, i text my boyfriends Mum wishing her a Happy Mothers Day :) I told her that i hope she has a lovely day and that her sons spoil her greatly, she's really soooo lovely, and she rung me to say thankyou. Was nice and i really hope she has a good day! :D


(i have emailed you & will post your goodies to you ASAP!)



Emily said...

Hope you've had a nice day together even without celebrating :) xx

Hayley said...

I really love those shorts! Hope you had a good day despite not celebrating Mother's Day! I wish I could see my mom today, I have another week to wait! :( xx

daisychain said...

I LOVE the peace bracelet,
and I get wardrobe envy every time you post! x

ching said...

awww you and your mum are adorable.

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Lovelove your shorts and cardigan sweet! Aw I hope you've had a nice day despite not celebrating it (: Sometimes it's nicer to just be around each other. xo

Unknown said...

love the cardgigan!! gorgeous shots. :)

Gertrude said...

I have been eying that shorts on the New Look website for ages but didn't know how they'd fit. Your outfit makes me want to buy them more! The best thing is that you had a nice day together :)

Reckless Rekha. said...

You look Great. the peach colour is so spring :)

God Bless! Mothers day should be celebrated everyday but today's a Bonus. Dw mums know how much we love them <3

Becca. said...

gorgeous shorts and cardi! you look so pretty AGAIN!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Kate-Louise said...

lovely outfit,love the shorts :)

kate xo

pearlslaceandruffles said...

Those shorts are fab! Hope your mom had a lovely day, that picture of you both is adorable! xo

Please may I? said...

Looking lovely my dear. Those shorts are lovely. I love my ugg boots too!

Sorry to hear how your mom is feeling. give her lots of hugs they always make me feel better when my daughter gives me lots.

X x

Anonymous said...

Loveeeee those shorts! :}

Outfit looks very pretty


A said...

love love love the shorts! <3


very pretty look!!

O like how u wore ugg and they fit this outfit very well!

ediot said...

what a nice outfit darling
thanks for sharing these photos

Emma said...

love your shorts and gorgeous cardigan, totally would wear this outfit honey

char said...

love those shorts!

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