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Wednesday 20 April 2011


tights: Topshop

Rather different for me, midi skirts are so difficult to pull off i think, i don't think i've achieved it? Hmm, you tell me!? I'm really trying to wear new things, to find what suits me, see if i can pull it off etc, so i'll let you be the judge! As you all know i'm major self-concious of my legs, so yes i'm wearing tights. I haven't worn any jewellery because the pattern on the skirt is so eye-catching and i didn't want to draw attention away from it. I have such a soft spot for floral patterns, so pretty!

Hello beautiful weather, happy that you've decided to reappear, love love love the sunshine! The weather improves everyones moods, it's so nice to see everyone all chirpy and smiley. Had family therapy this morning, always manages to make my family a bit closer, which is really helpful for all of us obviously. Plans for this evening... the Arsenal VS Spurs  game!  C'MON SPURS! I plan to watch the game with Sam and have a little drink. I really need to start packing for Plymouth on Friday, i'm going till the Tuesday and  i'm useless when it comes to packing, i take forever and i ALWAYS forget something!



Ellie..♥ said...
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Ellie..♥ said...

That skirt looks lovely on you!
&& i know cant get enough of this weather :)

ellie oxoxox

bvickers said...

i love your skirt! weather is pretty nice isn't it :)
beth xx

Unknown said...

Really love the skirt, especially with the belt :) I think you should try it without the tights. I know you're self-conscious about your legs, I am too but obviously not for the same reasons. Once you get out and about and get over thinking that everyone is looking at them weirdly (which they really aren't) then it feels really liberating. And with this weather, a lot cooler and less sweaty than tights haha xx

Lauren Ellingham said...

The skirt would look better without tights x

Erin said...

this skirt looks so nice on you! i bought a plain navy one from new look but when i got home and tried it on i just felt ridiculous in it so it may have to go back haha x

Analisa said...

It's hard for me to pull of midi skirts because they make me look shorter than I already am, but this looks fantastic on you! It doesn't make you look short like they do on me at all haha

daisychain said...

favourite outfit on you ever!

oomph. said...

you definitely got the look down. midis are hard to wear, but you did it right with the fitted top and skinny belt. hope you're wearing some heels! since i'm new to your blog, not sure what your issues are with your legs, but they look just find to me. you're gorgeous, girl!

Reckless Rekha. said...

I agree so hard to pull off you look great. Love the prints <3

Anonymous said...

the midi skirt is really cute <3

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aimeee said...

i love the skirt and the belt combo and you totally pull it off!! x

Sarah said...

I'm exploring the boundaries of my personal style right now, too. I think you're wrong and that this skirt looks quite nice on you. That being said, it's ultimately about what you link, isn't it? (: I think you styled this whole look in a classy way and I might try to style something similar down the road.

Find me at Just Take a Bow.

Please may I? said...

The skirt suits you perfectly. Lovely floral pattern too.

I adore the sun, just hate having to work during it! (Bummer!) Lets hope it continues all through May.

X x

✗✗ said...

Great outfit!! I love the skirt!

Unknown said...

Love that skirt! The floral print is just gorgeous! :)x

Nats said...

I actually think it really suits you! Compared to me it definitely suits you, you look tall enough to pull them off without being swamped! And the pattern is stunning, I love florals :) xx

Allie said...

Such a great skirt!!!

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