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Monday 14 March 2011


jumper: Vintage
shorts + tights: Topshop
nailvarnish: Barry M

Thought the first picture may make you chuckle, if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that i keep moaning about my leg and how i'm back using a crutch. So the first photo shows me and my crutch in action. But yeah, sooo, todays outfit. I'm wearing this jumper which used to be my Grandma's (rest in peace beautiful). So it's vintage, i love the pattern on it, it's just so random haha! Decided to wear it with my rust cord shorts because it totally clashed. The detail on the jumper is silvery, so i thought it may look nice with a pair of grey shorts, but it just looked silly, so i thoguht these shorts were the way to go. Fianlly did my nail, decided red, reds such a bold, bright colour, really makes a 'BAM look at my nails' statement.

I'm going out with my Dad in a bit, going to get the radio fitted for my car, not that i can drive it for ages, but hey ohwells. He's really doing it up and getting me lots of bits & pieces for it i didn't think i'd need bless him! Then we're going to pop into Boots, need to buy Lee Stafford Hair Treatment, which was recommended by my friend Lauren. Her review on it a while ago was great, and she was right.. it does acctually work! Then going to hopefully pick up a few things for my giveaway, so if i'll do, i'l probably post about that later this evening. Then Starbucks for a much needed Green Tea... mm! I have counselling tonight, my first session.. i hate talking about how i feel to new people, but i'm really hoping it will allow me to open up, and i hope it goes well, will report about that tomorrow :)

Just wanted to say thankyou to Michelle. She created my tabs for me yesterday evening, i felt so bad asking her so late in the evening, but she kindly did it for me quickly. Was very generous of her, so thanks! Also, as you can see, i decided to create my very own Tumblr. I've only just started it, so it's nothing amazing as of yet. But follow me and i'll follow back :)

Hope you all have a good week!



Cylia said...

lovely shorts!:) oh no! whats with the crutches?

Susanne said...

i have got a very similiar shorts from promod :)

PS: there is a giveaway on my blog, so you can check it out :)

essentially aimee said...

That jumper is so cute! I really love the detail, and of course, the brightness of this entire outfit! The red nails look great. I hope your leg is doing better!


Hayley said...

I love those shorts so much!!

RB said...

gorgeous outfit

Jan said...

Ohmy! What did you do?!
Hope you'll get beter very quickly!
Love the outfit btw!

Unknown said...

oh i'm sorry for your leg :( hope you'll get better soon!
BTW, I do really like your outfit, great choice! i love how blue and red look together!

Emily said...

Hello hottie!! Love the jumper, even moreso that it's your grandma's so it means something to you. Love that the sun is shining in all your photos!

Andrea Antoniou said...

i loveee the jumper :)


Curiouser and Curiouser said...

Love the clashing colours - totally works :) And it's nice you're wearing something that your Grandma had - it's such a lovely, sentimental thing to do. I have some of my Gran's old jewellery that I wear sometimes x x

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! :}

i realllly want those shorts now..

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

That jumper is so fun! What a great colour! Hope your leg is getting better, I back tracked a bit on your blog to see why you had the crutch, my gosh you had one hell of a year last year, hope this one is better, with less accidents!

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Updates By Her said...

Really nice sweater! :)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

beautiful blue! x hivennn

the twenty said...

in love with the jumper...

Reckless Rekha. said...

thankyou for following me lovely! you have a great sense of style followed back x

Jenny said...

I love the styling on this outfit so much! Those shorts are so perfect for the Spring (and the color is wonderful). I hope your leg feels better as well :-)

Russian Doll said...

love your look! Kisses

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

such a cute colourful outfit and love the red nails with it too!

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