Wednesday 16 March 2011


How cute are these day dresses from ASOS? Each could be worn on a night out or during the day, it's all about accessorizing. I think these dresses are all very feminine and girly. Little black dresses are pefect as they automatically show class and elegance. The shfit dress is quite cute, and makes me gives an innocent look. The spot dress looks quite 70's, so very Vintage. The ponti fit and flare dress sits very nicely and hugs the figure in the right place. Each of these dresses sit very differently, but each has their own unqiue factor which make them a must have for any girls wardrobe. Each is £40.00 or under, so it's worth buying one. Going out for a busy day/evening, all you need is a bag, in that bag take a blazer and a pair of heels. You can swap your daytime cardi and flats for the blazer and heels in the evening. It will automatucally transform the outfit!

So.. i was meant to have counselling on monday, and the doctors and hydrotherapy today. I had to cancel counselling due to a severe migrane because of my M.E and i cancelled the doctors because i got no sleep whatsoever last night - still haven't slept and i was feeling so ill. Hydrotherapy was cancelled due to my monthly hehe. I got my hair done yesterday as i was feeling okay, finally got rid of my disgusting roots! My plan for the rest of the week is just to relax and try and get better from whatever illness has decided to attack me!

Me & a friend were talking last night about 'beatbulling', which is an organisation, which is against bullying and aims to help young people beat it. As we've both been bullied in the past, we thought about perhaps organising some form of event to raise money for the organisation. We were thinking of perhaps hiring out a community centre, and holding some form of talent show/gig for upcoming artist or people who wish to show their talents. People could explain their experiences with bulling between every couple of performances too. We were also goign to see if anyone wanted to donate treats for the interval.. we'd charge money for tickets and the treats etc. We were also debating doing a little photoshoot before hand of some people holding up boards saying phrases such as 'one mean comment can change someones life' annd stuff like that. We were discussing this late last night and we really hope to put some sort of plan into action to get this up and running! Sound like a good idea!? If you've got any idea that could help me and my friend with this, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Also.. was wondering if some of you could maybe add my Blog Badge to your side bar and link it back to me? Would really appreciate it as i'm trying to promote COURTZMELV in the hope of expanding and growing.
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Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog!
I love the top left Asos dress, i like simple LBD's and this one is so pretty!
Great blog, will be following!
feel free to follow :) x

fashionismyh2o said...

Omg I actually seriously want them all! I think the polka dot one especially is stunning!

Love this blog so much :)


Anonymous said...

I really love the mustard coloured dress, I think that colour would look really pretty on you!

Katie. x

Anonymous said...

Hey hun (its Nina)

The event your organising sounds soo great :D if it goes ahead let me know when your planning it for cos I'll TRY and come along! Although I'm going to Australia in July, so don't make it then haha but seriously if I can't make it then I'll buy up a bunch of vouchers and send them down for prizes? Can be my donation?

Love u! xxxxxx

cowbiscuits said...

love that spotty dress! xx

Hello Naka said...

i love the polka dots and its sweet that your hosting an event to beat bullying!

Please may I? said...

I've just ordered a dress simlar from asos this evening ready for a weekend in London next week. They are all lush!

Sorry to hear your feeling unwell. Sending hugs your way.

Love your idea for an event. My youngest has just suffered bullying in the past week or so and i have never felt so helpless. I wanted to smash them all in the face! Some example I am eh!! But she has coped so well. Yes it hurts her and yes she's had a few tears but she's acted well in advance of her years and has been able to hold her head high. So anything you need le me know. I shall support you as much as I can.

X x x

✗✗ said...

Isn't ASOS amazing!! I love your picks, those dresses are wonderful!! I love that you are supporters of Beatbullying. That is really inspirational. I admire that!

Anonymous said...

Love all those dresses, especially the second one.
Great idea for your anti bullying event. Luckily I've never been seriously bullied myself, some teasing in my childhood, but I can imagine how horrible it is and needs to be stopped.

Natasha said...

The little black dress is definitely my favourote one, and I've just added your blog to my favourites bar too :) I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling too well, hopefully the migraine will go soon. My Dad gets them terribly so I know how uncomfortable they are. And your Beat Bullying idea sounds fantastic, I'd love to get involved! Thanks for your comments too :) xxx

Liset said...

Beautiful dresses!!!

liz said...

What adorable dresses! I love how they have a little vintage feel to them!

MONYALE said...

Those are really great!! I liked the salmon/pink!!


Angela said...

Oh you have me me want to shop online again! These are great dresses. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following you ♥

Lucie - A Taste Of Vogue said...

Oh im in love with dresses right now (and always!) I dont even think I can pick a favourite!


Anonymous said...

Love Asos! and i love these dresses. the colors are perfect!

Cátia Couto said...

I love the black dress!

xoxo ;*

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