Spring is here!

Saturday 12 February 2011

dress: Ebay
leggings: Topshop
I'm not really a big fan of denim, but i think it looks so cute in Spring, and in my head i've decided that even though it's still freezing, Spring has begun. So yes, i whipped out the denim! It's actually a shirt that looks a lot like a cardigan that i've tied at the waist as i don't partically like the way it sits as a shirt and i don't have any cropped denim jackets, so this will do. Although this outfit is very plain it's still pretty cute, and i've kept accessories quite low key by wearing earrings that match my ring and a ballerina necklace.

Yesterday i went shopping for Valentines day with my friend Joey, considering Sam actually reads my blog sometimes, so i can't post what i bought him as i don't want him to know yet, but i will after Valentines day has been. I don't think i bought myself a single thing which is a first for me, was really tempted t take myself into Topshop and splurge but i was good and didnt. Made me feel really good about myself even though i do actually need some new clothes, but i'm gonna wait till i've sold stuff on Ebay.

I went out last night for the first time since before my operation yesterday, it was a friends 18th from my old  school and i got to see a lot of my old school friends which was nice. I didn't actually drink that much but because i haven't drunk properly since before my operation the alcohol definately hit me quite hard and i did end up rather drunk despite my best efforts to only be rather tipsy, but ohwell, it was a good night, MUCH needed. Spent majority of the night with my friend Abby (in the first photo), haven't been out with her in ages, so that was nice, I also really like her dress which was from New Look. She looked really nice... and she's so tall too. 5 FOOT 11! Crazy stuff! What i'm wearing? I'm wearing a black boob tube and blazer from Miss Selfridge and actually wore heels! I know, it's crazy, wearing heels after just being told i can come off crutches, but i'm glad i did, gave me the confidence i needed to last the night, and i think i can safely say that i looked a lot better wearing heels then i would of if i'd of taken my crutches. Definately pushed it though with my M.E, shopping and then partying, i'm feeling the effects this morning, no, no hangover, just no energy whatsoever!

I got so many unexpected compliments from people last night, made me feel really good about myself to be honest. Quite a few people came up to me and were telling me that they love my blog and really enjoy reading it! It really made me smile, and just wanted to say thankyou to everyone that reads it and all the lovely comments you leave me, it's really nice of you. If theres anything else anyone wants to know, ask, advice on, advertising, anything, either email me at or leave me a formspring comment HERE.

ONE TO FOLLOW:.. Michelle

Also, i think you should all have a listen to my friend Anna sing, she's ever so talented with an amazing voice! She's singer an altered version of Jessie J's 'do it like a dude' listen to it here :)

Hope your all having a great weekend!! xxx


Unknown said...

you look gorgeous! x

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Oh I quite like denim shirts, I really must get round to buying one, or stealing my Mum's vintage~* one ;) I really like simple outfits like yours, with a few cutesy accessories, for lazy weekends! xx

daisychain said...

You look gorgeous, so happy you got out (and wore heels!)

Jardin de la Mode said...

awesome pictures! you look stunning!

Nikita said...

youre so pretty!
i really like the denim shirt over the black dress look
xx Nikita

Unknown said...

loving the shirt - hope you had a great weekend x


super cute how you tied that denim shirt!

Natalie Suarez said...

super cute! looks like fun :)

Alex said...

Love your dress! :) You look beautiful.

Maddy said...

simple but effective!

Moniek said...

Beautiful chic dress!

daniela kate morosini said...

i love your attitude! and you look gorgeous :) xx

Unknown said...

Is Spring really here?! The weather here in California keeps flipping between gorgeous to yuck. I can't believe that dress is an ebay find!


Jan said...

Lovely pics,
looks like you had a great time! (:
&Wow you look beautiful in that dress!

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