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Wednesday 2 February 2011

dress: Vintage
cardigan: New Look
tights: Topshop

Plain boring outfit today, i was in a rush this morning and literally just through this on. I like this dress, it's very floaty and not skin tight at all which is good as i woke up feeling majorly bloated this morning! Through this little cardigan on to add a bit of colour as grey and black are dull colours. Personally, i think i look very cute haha! Decided my arm in the third picture looks horrible, but you can see my make-up quite nicely. I used Maybeline Matte Mousse Foundation - Nude 021, Models Own Blusher - Peach Blush, Rimmel Lash Accellorator Mascara and Barry M Lipstick - Shade 147.

So, after waking up thinking i was going to have a bad day as i had Family Therapy first thing, surprisingly my day has turned out majorly well! I hate Family Therapy, all the talking and stuff, it's not me. I prefer to keep how i'm feeling bottled up, it's better that way, i've always been like that. BUT, it went very well, and i found out the Therapist i used to see for Individual Therapy got the sack because of yours truly! Good, she was useless at her job, and i mentioned in a post last week that she used to gloat, be disrespectful, arrogant etc, everything she's not meant to be! So, once knowing she got the sack, i was in the best mood considering i've made the brave decision to go back to Individual Therapy and now i know for certain i won't get her.. oh happytimes! Then i came home and me and Sam finally booked our holiday in the summer! We're spending a week in Faliraki, Rhodes, Greece. EXCITED! It was just under our budget of 1500, and we got in-flight meals, 5kg extra luggage, seats together on the place, oh.. and we're all inclusive and near bars, restaurants, clubs etc. So yeah, perfect holiday with the perfect guy! And to top off a great day, Waterloo Road starts again tonight!!


Hayley said...

Love the outfit, the cardigan is a lovely colour!
Ooh your holiday sounds great! Hope you have a good time!
I'm so excited about Waterloo Road! xx

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good day.
Hooray for the therapist getting fired.

Chris said...

Glad you had such a great day! =D and ouch am I the only one feeling sad for the person who got fired? xx

Unknown said...

you look adorable courtney! and oh my goodness, your vacation sounds like a dream! so glad you're having a lovely day :)


Spencer. said...

Love the colour of your cardigan m'dear


daisychain said...

my family and I never got on well with therapy sessions. they usually involved my dad talking and sneering at the process, so we stopped!

I love that dress on you. I know what you mean about the bloating...must be something in the air this week as I've been soooo swollen :(

essentially aimee said...

Very very simple and pretty outfit :) Um, WOW I am so jealous you're going to Greece! Oh my goodness. That is going to be effing amazing. Glad to hear that it's been a good day.


Fashion to Go said...

Bloated mornings are the worse! Luckily loose dresses like those are a life saver :)

Unknown said...

love that dress x

Sassy said...

Beautiful blog. I love the dress so simply but so fashion :). If you want, follow me and I'll follow you :D

Alla Moda e con Stile

Unknown said...

i like the grey with the black!
that was a very brave thing to do to tell someone how inappropriate your therapist was - i wish i could do that about my GP! they drive me crazy acting as if i'm wasting their time so now i never go to the doctors about anything and that might be even worse for me in the long run! ohhh well.

Unknown said...

I love that dress - grey is always gorgeous and easy to wear! And well done standing up to that therapist! Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Panda xo

the ineffable soul said...

your holiday sounds fab - can't wait to book mine!
re. the giveaway i'm not in a rush to recieve it so just send when you can, but if you can just let me know when you do that'll be fab :D x

cowbiscuits said...

I love this outfit! I love simple outfits and how well it goes with anything! xx

Alex said...

I really love that dress! :) It's so simple, but looks really lovely xxx

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