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Saturday 26 February 2011

dress: H&M
snood + tights + socks: topshop
bracelet: Pandora

First outfit post in what actually seems like forever to be honest. The dress and snood are actually two of the items that i have recently purchased on Ebay. The snood was £7.99 and then dress i got for £3.99 (excluding p&p chargers) Extremely pleased, both were in amazing condition too! My friend Abby found me the snood on Ebay and we both decided to purchase one, MUCHLY appreciated Abs! :) I like the small crochet detailing, it's cute without being too OTT. As you can probably guess, i still havevn't managed to purchase a pair of suspender tights, although i really would like this pair from ASOS. Suprisingly i found that my beige snood and the purple dress went rather well together, two colours i would not of thought to put together. I've kept jewellery simple, i'm actually wearing silver stud earrings and i have my gorgeous bracelet on as well as a little bird ring.

I went to the beautician yesterday for the first time in ages.. OH MY, my eyebrows were such a state and it hurt my wrist to much to pluck them so i got them waxed. Must say i feel so much less grubby then i did before, and i think for £6.50, it's definately worth it. I also got my lip waxed, i have this major complex about having a shadow as naturally i have dark hair, so i also pay £6.50 to get that waxed. so for £13, SO worth it to make me feel a bit better about myself and give me a bit of confidence. Another beauty moan, my roots are so bad.. as my natural hair is practically black hair and i dye it blonde, yeah well when my roots come through it doesn't look too pretty! Also, my skin & nails are so bad too! Definately need to get some more of No 7's Protect & Perfect Day & Night Serum to attempt to sort my skin out (that stuff is amazing by the way, i'd advise anyone to buy it!) If you follow me on twitter you'll know how much i moan about my skin haha!

Everyone has that one person that they look up to right? I look up to and admire my cousin Nina so much. She lives in Scotland and i don't see anywhere near as much as i'd like to, but we talk near enough every day or two. I feel like i can really talk to her about anything. We're both so similar too, for example, neither of us tan, are pale skin just goes red instead. She's so beautiful + intelligent and i'm incredibly jealous of her beautiful Scottish Accent! She's like the big sister i never had, have so much love and respect for her! This photo was taken a couple of years ago, but can you see the resembelance!? Is there anyone close to you that you really look up to?

Also, i just want to apologise for anyone that thought i was being selfish in my last post where i moaned about the NHS. I just want to say that yes, i'm very grateful that i live in the UK where healthcare here is free due to money paid from tax payers. But, i for one am someone who has several medical problems, of which i can not help and need treatment for, so when i'm kept waiting for absolute ages it does get rather frustrating. Someone also mentioned about how i don't have a job and it was wrong of me to 'expect' my parents to pay for me to have private healthcare? Yes, your right i don't have a job, but i want one so bad, but i doubt most places are going to employ someone who has waddles due to a severe operation on my leg and has M.E, both also conditions which i cannot help. I do not 'expect' my parents to pay for my healthcare privately, but when you've had on-going problems for years, it does take it's toll and you begin to get rather inpatient and want them sorted asap. Obviously i don't expect my parents to pay for it, as nice as it would be to finally know whats going on with my body etc. So yes, may be i did come across as a bit 'blah' in my last post, but i was rather angry when i wrote it. Apologies to anyone i may of offended.


Anonymous said...

We def need to meet up soon - for the reason to get another photo taken! HAHA

Love the blog hun and those are some really nice things u said :) i officially blushed lol and ur beautiful too hun and don't u forget it!!

Nina xxxxxx

ps i had to put anonymous but i signed it so u know who i am haha

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

The dress is gorgeous! :)
Well done for apologising btw :)
But I know what you mean about the NHS, my lil sis has severe asthma and they can be a pain :(
Izzy xx

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Gorgeous dress sweet, it looks lovely paired with the snood (:

ASD said...

what did we agree that we would mention who showed you the snood.

daisychain said...

Beautiful girl, I love your outfit

(and also, I moan about the NHS a lot too, I know we're meant to be grateful but sometimes it's so hard to be)

rebeccalucyh♥ said...

Lovely outfit <3
I should probably get my eyebrows waxed but i'm just worried they'll make them too thin...xx

Rigid Goddess said...

Hey Lovely, you look so great ! I'm so jealous about your body shape, it's perfect :)


Anonymous said...

Loved the circle scarf is great! ... I always have my eyebrows done, they look way better than when I attempt to do them myself!

Kirsty said...

my favourite outfit of yours, love the coat xx

Anonymous said...

I love the colors in your outfit - purple and grey go so well together. This is the perfect outfit to wear right now in my city, it's still cold! :[

Hello Naka said...

i love ur circle scarf! ive been wanting one for ages and thanks for the visit ^^

Anonymous said...

your snood looks so warm!
hahah I love it girl! :)
stop by sometime, xx natalie

Anonymous said...

Cute dress!


Kristina said...

this outfit is gorgeous :)
and yourrrr legs ... omg I WANT YOUR LEGS!!!


memuga said...

nice outfit ;>

Nadine Flatt said...

cute outfit! I love your hair!

minnja said...

Love the pics, great outfit :)

Anonymous said...

cool snaps. great outfit !

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