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Wednesday 12 January 2011

jumper & tights, - Topshop. shorts, - New Look. brogues, - Urban Outfitters. necklace, - Tiffanys.

I actually took quite a few photos of this outfit just before it started to pour with rain actally haha! I decided i really hated all the photos that were taken, but i needed something to blog about so posted the two i could bear, i'm telling you i look ridiculously fat in the others, i really hate my legs, with a passion. Anyways, back to the outfit, i like the way that blue & grey go together, can appear quite dull in some cases, but i don't think it looks to bad here, rather cute (wow i seem to be using that word a heck of a lot!)  Decided to wear my trusty knitted tights and then my brogues. It's a warm outfit which is good in Englands beautiful weather! Jewellery wise i'm earing my stunning horseshoe necklace that Sam got me for Christmas, but i don't think it's shows in the pictures, my chest looks ghostly white for some perculiar reason. I chose this outfit when i got up this morning, and after these pictures were taken, it was back to my pjs and slumped on the sofa.

I can't be bothered to write much as my minds not thinking straight, well i could probably babble on for ages, but it won't be anything important or productive. The sleeping tablet worked though! Took the tablet at 10pm, was all tucked up in bed by 11pm, and awoke at about 6am. Yes, that's right, 6am. It's mucked about my M.E, and now i'm exhausted energy. and oh i don't know. But no wonder i'm feeling all grouchy today, it was a lovely sleep though, best i've had in a while! Its meant to let you sleep for up to 7-8 hours, so it did it's job well, but i don't think i can do this whole getting up at 6am malarky, so going to try and brave it out, and take my table a bit later, and that means staying up later even though i got up at 6! Think i'm going to attempt to have a nap now, but knowing my luck recently, it's not going to happen!

Listened to Katy Perrys song, Firework properly for the first time today, i can really relate to it.. it actually reduced me to tears, haha, i'm such an emotional wreck, ohweeeels. Anyways, right now, i reeeeeeally want to be snuggled in bed, all warm and cosy with Sam and a green tea. Could really use a nice long hug from my gorgeous boyriend <3


Marie said...

I agree with you, blue and grey together in this outfit is cute.:D

I love the black tights and how it pops against the shorts.

Firework is her best song, in my opinion.:D

***** Marie *****

Lauren said...

I want brogues! And "fat"? Wise up! You have lovely slim legs! 'Firework' also makes me teary, I thought I was the only one lol

Anonymous said...

I just posted about feeling down myself today and needing my boyfriend and my dog to cheer me up. It must be one of those days.
I love those shorts, I have some very similar.

Sandra G said...

You're suuuuper pretty and I love your hair!
And those shorts are uber cute. :)

Hope we can follow one another! :)


Emily said...

This is one of my favourite outfits you've posted- love those shorts! Also your legs are amazing, you're crazy miss! Good luck with getting your sleeping sorted sweetie xx

daisychain said...

totally get what you mean about photos. some I take, I just think "oh...really?"

god bless sleeping tablets,
though I seem to wake up at 6am regardless of what time I take mine!

love the colours in your outfit x

Chloe said...

Hi Courtney! Just happened across your blog and your outfits are so lovely. Great taste and you have a body to die for! :-)

Now following! :-)
Chloe xxx

christie said...

I love blue & grey together! good choice!

xx Christie

Adele said...

Lovely lovely look girly!

Unknown said...

great look, you look fab!
i have nominated you for the stylish blogger award!
check it out...


mia said...

I really like the colour of your jumper, makes a great casual piece

Hannah- Ramblings of a Cosmetic Junkie said...

love the look :) i'm a pretty new follower but i have M.E as well... its tough sometimes xx

Unknown said...

you look lovely courtney, green tea is my favorite :) your shoes are super cute!


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