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Monday 3 January 2011

top, shrug, - Topshop. jeans, - ASOS. necklace, - Tiffanys.

Guess who's wearing her skinny jeans again! Haha, i'm making 100% sure i don't get them dirty, i don't want to take them off. Never thought i'd find a pair of jeans so comfortable! Not going to lie, now that i've worn them in a bit, they're beginning to get a bit big for me, bit ohwell.. so totally love them! I'm wearing this over-sized white top which sits longer at the back then it does at the front. If you've read my other outfit posts you'll know that i like to tuck my shirts/tops in as i think it's gives a much better look, so yeah, the tops tucked in, it's given it a nice baggy look. I'm wearing this dark blue shrug i wanted and got for Christmas, it's really warm and quite long at the back, but sits so nicely. I wasn't sure whether the blue and the black would go quite well together, but i like it. Wearing my gorgeous tiffany necklace once again, i love love love it! My good luck charm <3

1. Me & Cameron .2. Me, Georgia & Dad. 3. Me, Ameila, & Cameron

Got to see my beautiful little cousins today, little lad Cameron, well i say little but he's huge for his age, NOT EVEN 3 YET!  He's such a cheeky little boy, so cute, just wanna put him in my pocket, yes he's that cute! + then my aunty recently had twins, Georgia & Ameila, they're ever so cute. Poor little Ameila was bought with a cleff pallet and a hair lip, still beautiful though!

Been so totally emotional today, i don't entirely know why.. think my time of the month is due if i'm honest, but ohwell. The tinyest thinng has left me in such a mess, been so upset over nothing...on the PLUS side, i think i've finally persuaded my parents to get me a puppy.. EEEEK! We're going to the RSPCA tomorrow to see if there is any puppys there we can adopt, then going to go to this pet shop which sells puppys to enquire and see if theres any, then we're going to go to the vets to see if anyone is selling puppies or breeding.


Tess said...

lovely outfit. I hope you get that puppy!!

xxo Tess S.

daisychain said...

big hugs you sweetheart x

christie said...

How exciting about getting a puppy! Are you after any breed in particular? So excited for you. I would love to have a puppy but our appartment is just too small - will def get a little pug puppy once we move into a house!

xxx christie

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Sara Luxe said...

ohhhh good luck with your puppy !

Emma said...

I love that navy shrug; it looks so comfy and warm, yet stylish! Pefect. Good luck with the puppy (jealous) - keep us updated! x

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