Monday 6 December 2010

I find it pretty amusing that my crutches are in this photo, and that i'm wearing my extremely warm slippers! But anywhoooos, i went for a simple, slouchy look today as i've spent the majority of the day infront of the television watching trashy tv yet again, life on crutches is not as exciting as it may seem. This long knitted jumper i'm wearing is so amazing, it's ever so snug and warm, i could just fall asleep wrapped up in it! It was £39.99, which was definately a bargain for a long jumper that can keep you this warm, although i am wearing a little top on underneath it. For my casual look to be complete, i decided to wear a simple pair of leggings, there comfortable, and you can't really go wrong with them. I'm not wearing any jewellery because i thought it would be pretty pointless as i'm not really doing anything today. If i was going out wearing this outfit, i would team it with a pair of black uggs as they are another comfortable item of clothing. This is a pretty boring outfit post, i apologise!

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001. Tomorrow, i'm spending the whole day in London with my mother as i have my hospital appointment to make sure the bone in my leg has all healed nicely at 1:45 at Bolsover Street Hospital, but as i've been pretty down recently, we're leaving at 9am, and spending the morning in Oxford Street! Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Urban Outfitters, Zara, River Island all in a few metres of one another! I'm excited, although it is going to be an absolute nightmare due to all the rushing around Christmas Shoppers, and then me on crutches with my broken wrist, oh and not to mention how utterly freezing it's going to be! But it does mean that i can treat myself to a couple of nice items, and can get a few Christmas Presents. May also take some nice pictures if i'm able to because i imagine the Christmas lights and decorations in Oxford Street are going to be spectacular!
002. I've just listened to the X Factor Finalists song Heroes, and wow, i most definately shed a tear. It's such an emotional song anyway, but accompained with the video, it's just truly beautiful, especially as the proceeds go to the 'Help For Heroes' charity. Everytime i listen to that song i will most likely go a bit soppy and weep a bit, i'm useless when it comes to things like that.


Anonymous said...

The X-Factor finalists do sing the song well and I love watching the video.

Law1sfab said...

oh kitten, I hope your leg is healing well and enjoy your day here tomorrow. Shop early because it gets so mental @ oxford st I use to work there. They have re vamped the new H&m store and there's a vero moda a cross the road. Topshop has a great display at the moment too. Well have a fab day and hope you feel better soon xxxx

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