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Saturday 11 December 2010

Top - Topshop
Underneath Top - Topshop
Shorts - H&M
Tights - Topshop

I love this knitted diamond cutout jumper, it was one of those items of clothes that you see in store and HAVE to have! As you can see from the pictures the jumper has many holes, and thats why it was necessary for me to wear a black vest top underneath as i wasn't to keen on allowing the world to see my bra haha. Also, i love the effect its given of there being holes around my neckline and my arms, but no where my torso is, that wasn't intentional, but i thought it looked cute. I love my knitted tights, they've got such a cute wintery pattern on them, and i thought would go quite nicely with the jumper.I'm wearing a pair of black smart shorts aswell, and not just for warmth! If i lift my arms up at all, my bum will then be on my show to everyone, so i thought that i'd wear a plain pair of shorts just to keep some dignity, and it works which is a plus! Once again, i'm not wearing shoes, but for a cosy look i'd wear a black pair of uggs, and for a dainty look i'd team it with a mighty pair of brogues, or maybe some biker boots if i wanted to just be different!

What Fashion Means To Me!?
Fashion is a way for me to express myself in which ever way i'd like. It's MY style, no one elses. Don't get me wrong, i like to be up to date with the latest trend, or item of clothing, but it doesn't necessarily mean i'll go and buy it as soon as i can. If i like it, then yes i'll buy, if not, i won't, it's that simple. I like to be my own induvidual person and have my own style, i don't copy anyone elses as then it wouldn't make me induvidual. I get inspiration for some of the outfits i wear from celebritys, friends or even randomers i see in the street. I don't have a specific style either, i like a bit of everything and i like to mix & match. One day i may be wearing a edgy outfit, and the next day a very cutesy outfit, unpredictable is probably the word. I like to look quite posh and classy too, although that look can be quite hard to achieve when you have to accessorize what your wearing with a broken wrist and crutches. Elegant ball gowns are ever so beautiful and how i would love to see myself wearing one of them, i'd also love to be able to wear a pair of chinos but they make my thighs look huge so i've refrained from purchasing a pair. Fashion is something that has no right or wrong answer, its entirely yours and allows your personality to shine through. I used to be so self-concious about what i wore incase people thought i looked silly or 'unstylish' but now, i couldn't care less as to what they think. I wear what i want, how i want, because that's who i am and i want my clothes to show who i am.
What does fashion mean to you!?

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Unknown said...

this is such a great sweater! I love what fashion means to all of us individually :) such a lovely question to answer!


Curiouser and Curiouser said...

I made a massive Topshop wishlist a couple of days ago and this jumper was one of the things on it! :) I love those tights too though - the pattern on them is so interesting x x

Kaleido Mind said...

i agree!! to me fashion is expressing your mood, as well as the ability to transform yourself if you want to by wearing "costumes". Instead of trends, i think the most important thing is wearing/doing things that make me comfortable;)

Law1sfab said...

I'm with you on the fashion state, I think you said it all babe. I will add that Fashion does not judge by colour, weight or wealth, it's us that create those boundaries. I say dress for you and no one else and enjoy it :)

My wish list keeps getting bigger and bigger, so I need to refocus and think about what my son needs and what I can treat my bloke too :)

Love the jumper kitten, hope your leg is feeling better did you do your London shopping trip BTW , I need to catch up ? xxxxx Oh bless you doing a Christmas giveaway xxxxx

daisychain said...

I LOVE that jumper x

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