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Sunday 19 December 2010

jacket, tunic, top, leggings, socks - topshop. boots, earrings, - new look ring - accessorize.

I'm wearing this burgandy tunic, it has 3 ties on the tunic, and is pretty see through, so i've worn a long black top underneath it, for warmth as well as dignity. I got the college bomber jacket yesterday for my birthday, was something i'd wanted for a long time, so when i finally got it, i knew it was going to be my new favourite item of clothing!  I thought it worked pretty well with what i was wearing as it complimented the tunic (which is actually not very nice on its own), considering theres burgandy writing on the jacket. I resorted to leggings instead of tights, as the leggings are real   comfortable and go quite well, as tights would be too revealing. The biker boots add a bit of edgyness to the outfit too, much better than a pair of UGGs i think. I'm wearing this ring that my gorgeous boyfriend got me for my birthday, it goes great with what i'm wearing as its very girly and the outfit is edgy, totally contrasts.

As you can see, its been snowing here in Hertfordshire! We were old it was totally going to miss this area, but clearly not considering the snow fell for about 5 hours non-stop yesterday and we now have 4 inches of the stuff! Fingers crossed it snows on Christmas Day, wouldn't it be lovely if we had a White Christmas!
- So.. I didn't see my boyfriend till about 10pm on my birthday yesterday due to him being at work and the adverse weather conditions so i didn't get a chance to blog about what he got me, so i'll inform you now. We spent the evening chilling at mine, and getting a little bit drunk, it was sweet :)
His lovely mum got me
- a pretty, grey scarf, muchly needed at this time of year to say the least.
Sam got me,
- 4 pretty rings for Accessorize
- 1 bird ring from Topshop,
- A pair of long fingerless grey gloves which go with the scarf, such a nice shade of grey!
- Gucci Guilty Perfume (smells divine!, it's sooo nice, definately recommend you girls buy it, its also packaged really nicely too! Such a darling little bottle!)
- Hard boiled willy sweets - so tasty, strawberry, lemon and lime. yumyumyum!
Thankyou Sam, aren't i just the luckiest girl to have a boyfriend so great? :)
love love love


christie said...

I hope you do get a white christmas - that would be just beautiful!

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

Happy belated birthday - sounds like you had fun and some lovely pressies! I love the jacket - New Look are doing some similar ones which I have been eyeing up... :D x x

charlotte said...

so beautiful!
plus, i love your jacket and your rings!
your boyfriend has good taste in rings lol
lucky you! xx

Madeline said...

cute photos! (: i love your blog <3

daisychain said...

His mum bought you willy sweets? Love it!

Unknown said...

i really want this jacket! looks lovely on you xxx

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