i want to sleep!

Thursday 11 November 2010

oh my, i hate it when i'm unable to sleep.
CFS + insomnia + strong medication = extremely tired courtney
but no... apparently i don't want to sleep, even though i definately do.
Not going to lie, the fireworks are definately not helping things at all, and i'd be very grateful if they shutup!
It's nearlly 3am here in the UK aswell, and i would like some sleep. It's not as if i've got to get up and do anything tomorrow but still, that's not the point! I fell asleep with Sam earlier for about an hour then came upstairs and once i'd hopped up the stairs, i was no longer tired.
So, in the past couple hours what have i done? I've been tweeting away on twitter, i've been researching random rubbish online and looking at a couple youtube videos, chatting away on MSN, i've read about 40pages of this book i bought, and i've updated my blog layout etc. And i just took this picture of myself, which is not pretty by all means. Look how tired i look!! I put it into black & white because i have no make-up on, and my skin looks all greasy and not nice. Right, i'm going to make another attempt at trying to get some sleep, because i'm getting pretty darn' fed up now.
wish me luck!


Rorie said...

Ughhh, yes I feel ya =[ I had 2 nights of insomnia last week although I was so tired.
Goood luck, sleeep sleep sleep!!

Marika said...

Good luck!!!

I love the background of your blog.
So pretty!

Please follow me!

Becca. said...

i can never get to sleep either, it's upsetting!
and yes you do need to get yourself a pair!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Unknown said...

totally know how you feel right now! booo! xxx

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