Birthday and Christmas List!!!

Thursday 11 November 2010

Christmas songs on the radio, Christmas delicaies brought out in reasturants, Christmas decorations up?
This can only mean one thing...

So, in around a months time, it's a be my Birthday.. YAY! and then a week later Christmas. DOUBLE YAY! It's not going to be as good this year as i would of liked to be honest, being on crutches and all, but i'm sure i can make it work. For my Birthday, i may have a few of the girls over, or get a few of us to go out for dinner or something pretty simple.. maybe even go to the cinema, who knows! Christmas is going to be major family time. I ALWAYS have to get dressed up on Christmas day, i always have done.. it's like my own little tradition. So my mum and dad will be in slouchy clothes, my brother most likely still in his pyjammas, and then theres me who will propr dress up, hair done, makeup done, heels on. The total works! But anyways, i really should write out some sort of wants for Birthday/Christmas, mothers been pestering me about what i'd like because apparently i'm 'difficult to buy for'. The obvious present considering i'm going to be 17 was going to be driving lessons fo my 17th and a car for Christmas. Me and mother had discussed this, but i don't want even to think about driving until my leg is fully healed and my CFS is under control! So here Birthday/Christmas list... yes some things are a bit far-fetched!

New Laptop which has a built in camera, and all the programs i need for school work
A puppy (pleasepleaseplease)
A really pretty notepad from paperchase
A pretty calender diary from paperchase
Some clothes vouchers
To meet Victoria Beckham (my actual dream)
A big silver clock - for my bedroom
Silver photo frames - for my bedroom
A signed picture of Victotira Beckham - for my bedroom
Victoria Beckhams autobiography 'learning to fly'
Victoria Beckhams 'that extra half an inch' fashion guide
A little getaway holiday to somewhere hot
New pair of ugg boots - mine are ruined
A pretty chanel bag perhaps?:D
A proper good photography camera!
Some blackberry covers in fun colours!
New bed covers
New curtains
Chanel No.5 perfume
A pretty charm bracelet

Like i said.. my list is pretty far-fetched. But their just my wants, getting them are a completely different story, but it's fine haha. I just needed to vent out everything i wanted. Lets hope mumsy's feeling generous when it comes to buying my presents, and that santa thinks i've been a good girl.. :)

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Emma said...

my birthdays in over a months time too, RIDICULOUSLY excited!

a puppy is also on my list, slowly wearing my mum down methinks :)

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